ohh wow…. *groanz*

ya wanna noe wut happend 2me?? Oh well… ma very own mom, ma boii’s mom, ma boii’s sista, n ma very own boii.. BETRAYED THA helloutta ME!! Well itza good thing they did it.. cuz.. hmm.. if they didnt, i’d b foheva unadventurous in gastronomical delightz… sso. THEY MADE ME EAT FROG! Yes!! Those slimy stuff tat goez ‘ribbit ribbit’ in tha swampz! Tha one dat turned in2 a handsome prince wen princess kissed ‘em! Tha FROG!!! ya oviuzly noe how dis-gus-to tat is… mebbe not fer u but fer me… itz unda ma ‘FOOD I’LL NEVA EAT’ episode of ma blog.

Damn.. it started out wen ma boii sed itz chicken… n our momz sed “yeah itz chicken jess, why dun u try?” So i ate it and.. hmm… yeah itz nice! Later, i ate anotha thingy…and there they go again sayin itz anotha form ov chicken…. whilst eatin, i began 2wonder when will THOSE food be arrivin.. ya noe tha FROG and PORK.. b4 i cud ask, ma boii’z mom wuz like “ben, pass tha frog ova” I froze. I blinked. I stared wut wuz in ma plate half-eaten. “excuse me??” I probed further.. they were tryin their utmost best 2cover up fer that unfortunate slip ov a tongue…

AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ma brain went beserk..! I ate FROG!! uuugggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  but i had 2keep ma composure.. i sorta failed… cuz i wuz still fidgety tho. =( I kept staring at it. How cud i b so gullible? To blieve a fib liddat>? *sigh* But anotha parta me thanked them fer it… well, afta ma 16yrz ovv livin, tiz ma first time eatin summin exotic! (to me) imma so eating it nx time! =P (yes kittyeng if ur readin tiz, u heard right)

wakakkakakakkakzzz….. So well… talk about 1st time fearz…. i sorta overcame it. Thanx moms, thanx sista, n thanx hubby dear…. *mmuackz*