Just came back after a weekend getaway in Singapore. Perfect remedy for weekday stress! But very very… very BAD strain on the pockets. Spent a bomb on shopping again. Sigh.

It’s really ironic how I told myself that this year’s Chinese New Year clothes shopping is only going to be on a miniscule level.

But just when I thought I could stick to that, I completely blew it when I touched down in Singapore – Double sigh. Bought a pair of stone-washed skinny jeans from Topshop, not the usual blue denim tones but black instead. Walked into River Island for the 1st time and discovered it was quite a big hit in Singapore!

Walked out with more purchases ouch!

I bought meself a high-waisted skirt in Topshop simply because I fell in love with the colors. No shades of red this time but one with a deep purple and blue contrasts. Pretty!
Yes I know the price tags are dangling -_-

Cotton On was next, bought myself a bodycon print skirt from there.

Walked PAST Forever 21 and withstood the temptation of entering as I knew it was my danger zone. Completely off limits for me unless I want to fall in a pool of debt or end up stripped for cash. No sirree! But I failed big time in Somerset 313.

There was 4 levels of Forever 21 goodies there!

pic from rockthetrend

4 levels of Forever 21
4 levels of Forever 21
4 levels of Forever 21
4 levels of Forever 21
4 levels of Forever 21
Imagine, 4 storeys of lovelies suited for the fashionista in you.

Picture 065

But what was SO MUCH BETTER was the rooftop garden at Orchard Central! Baby brought me up there all the way to the *can’t remember which floor* but it was the highest one. From there, we overlooked Orchard and all the high-rise condominiums around its vicinity

This is us trying to snap a decent picture at the balcony overlooking the city. Angle’s perfect, color is fine and whatnot but look what ruined the photo completely :

Picture 069
I became a man with a macho moustache

As we wandered deeper and around the rooftop garden, we came by a wall which reminds me of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The entire wall was enveloped with lush greeneries and potted flowers and other plants!
Picture 075Picture 077
Us by the not-so-concrete-anymore wall

There were lotsa restaurants there and some which I reckon is fine dining, considering the impeccable setup as well. Indoor water features include mini fountains with lillies inside! There was also a playground at the rooftop garden with bright colorful statues:

Picture 088
Trying to squeeze ourselves into the picture with the playground!

Other days of the week was spent baking cookies. Yup! I’ve got a keen interest in baking cookies already. In fact, I’ve begun to harbour the love for baking delicious morsels last year. The only setback was that I never owned an oven to burn down the house nor experiment with.

Picture 028
See the gingerbread man wannabe?

The recipe we used was the one I looked up on Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, sans the pecans as YingZi’s pre-braces condition disallowed her to crunch on hard bites. Anyway, it was long and grueling to mix the entire batch of batter together – thanks to the oatmeal & semi-melted chocolate!
Picture 001
We didn’t have a blender in the house so no blended oatmeal!
It just adds the extra crunch to it once it’s fully baked πŸ™‚

I buttered the baking tray and off we put it into the oven. The smell was extremely invigorating! Ya know, that chocolatey fresh-from-the-oven smell you get whenever someone’s baking?

Yup that’s the one πŸ™‚ But let’s just hope it tastes as good as it smells!

Picture 007
We couldn’t wait to sink our teeth in those loves!

Picture 010
After less than 20 minutes and laid down to cool,
it was ready to be eaten!

Yes I know, it doesn’t look too fancy-pancy or neatly rounded with perfectly proportioned corners. It’s irregular, lop-sided, mishapen but call it whatever you want, it’s your TASTEBUDS that takes control πŸ™‚

So shut your eyes and open your mouth wide

we loved it!
So did YingZi’s mom πŸ™‚

I had it for the next morning’s breakfast, the following day’s breakfast and even during the journey back to Malaysia! Wanted to bring some for my friends to try ’em but it was all swarmed by ants the very next morning as I stole some for midnight snacks but forgot to shut the lid FML

Picture 036

Anyway, I had a fab time in Singapore!
Loves πŸ™‚

Didn’t bring my DSLR this time because the luggage was enough to drag a horse down. So this is technically my 1st holiday without bringing a camera.

Picture 101

But no sweat, baby bought me this very novel Nikon camera necklace-charm with blings on it! Love it lots, really special (although it can’t take real photos) ! Never seen it anywhere before.

Now I can still lug a DSLR around even when I’m not carrying my real DSLR with me πŸ™‚

Picture 079
You’re on candid camera πŸ™‚