That’s it. 

I, Jessica Tan Su Lin, NRIC number of :890701-07-none-of-your-business, hereby declare that she will/shall/must not step in to another shoe outlet for the next 3months beginning from today. Reason being, she has been self-punished for buying 2 shoes within a week which is an outrageous deviance to her principle of self-discipline. I hereby acknowledge this vow as valid and will put my imaginary signature right on this paragraph.

Please see that I do not breech this vow and must abide by it with no excuses whatsoever and on every other circumstance. 

Now, enough with the oh-so-serious part. Ohmygoodness! I feel exhilarated! Will post the delightful picces of my new pair of heels soon! One is a black and sack-brown pair of heels with athick strap across, with the buckle showing. And I just LOVE stuff that has exposed buckles. Well, technically those buckles are not there to be able to work, because it just doesnt. It’s for the sake of design. Oh, and the other one is a white peep-toe pair with a tiny bow on the top! 

They are just adorable and *ahem* simply irresistable!
This shoperholic is unleashed once again! 

And the best part is, my birthday is coming soon and I have a wishlist already! *hint hint*