And to add to my bad luck,  I have just been relieved of my cash. Somehow, someway sometime. Actually, I was sort of ”warned” beforehand, as my mum told me not to bring so much cash to college. Taking it as just one of her usual nags, I chose not to adhere… and to my utmost dismay, I paid the price for my negligence.

Oh well. That’s not all.

My exams were scheduled to be this week and my oh my how could I so absent-mindedly leave my precious notes on Ms. Goh’s table? *sigh* it makes no difference anyway.. muahahhahaha.. Jess is always prepared anyhow. (gosh I could feel my perasan-ness flowing)

Still, my day proceeded the same sad way. It slipped my mind to bring my pair of sneakers to the gym today and all I had were a pair of heels and flip-flops. So, what’s next? I resorted to borrowing an old and rather revolting pair of trainers from the lost and found room. My buddy Nadiah and I kept laughing non-stop about how ”beautiful” those trainers are and how “lucky” I am that it came with free bacteria and how I would literally WALK AWAY with a permanent foot condition. Sounds repulsive but hey, what choice do I have?

And yes, I do have the picture of that sneaker in question. Will upload it when Nads sends it to me. That is, if she actually gets round to it. (hint hint, Nads)

Okay, she did. here it is… lalalalala sucky sucky sucky