Have I been cursed to a godforsaken spell? Or have I just sub-consciously walked under a ladder, spilt a salt-shaker or broke some 70 year old mirror?

Whatever it is, I was sure home to bad luck lately. I feel like a jinx walking around inviting more bad luck to my already unfortunate self. Alright enough, that is my pessimistic side typing.

The realist in me speaks otherwise. It merely states that my carelessness has gotten the better of me and that my utter lack of organisation has prevailed.

It all began on one fine day when I left my brand new laptop adaptor/charger/cable in my campus grounds.. and a day later it was gone. Nothing new or surprising ey? (I shall forgive the fool for his/her unethical yet successful attempt to steal it from me.) Going home feeling bummed when it struck me that I haven’t seen my pendrive in a while. 

    -Oh sweet lord please don’t tell me I lost another item- 

Having my maid plus myself turning the whole house upside down searching every nook and cranny did not help in any way either as it was officially gone. When it all seemed bad enough, what a time to misplace my favourite pair of pretty, red earrings. Truth be told, I don’t even remember the last time I wore it. But hey, that is NOT relevant.

There was a twist of fate soon after… as I thought the tables had turned when I found my pendrive. 
But I was wrong.

What happened next was I lost RM50 during yesterday’s shopping spree. And I’m officially broke again!  *groan* I hate my lackadaisical self. It’s just in me… and I’m dying to yank it out through any means of paper, metal or plastic surgery.

Oh look, I mysteriously found RM20 in my wallet. Hmm.. now that’ strange. Great. I’m the living proof of:

A 50 buck lost, is a 20 buck gained.