Yeah. And that would be me.

[in the click five’s-Just the girl’s melody]
She’s smelly and stinky and she didn’t bathe the whole day,
She just came back from tuition and now she’s off to PISA,
Strange as it seems, she’s now steering the car…..

That was a hell of an experience… I almost knocked over a jogger, gave mom a nauseatic moment and worse, made my own meek fingers tremble in cold sweat. Held the steering wheel for the very first time in my 16years of life! Well, it was a rather silly moment though… I completely lost what I learnt in theory when I did it for REAL.

“Press the clutch, dear… yeah that’s it. Press it right in and deep,”
“Now change your gear”
“Good… press the accelerator now”

Yepyepyep… need I say more? When she first asked me to press the clutch HARD AND DEEP, that’s  exactly what I did for the accelerator! Yeah well, laugh all you want. It’s my first time anyway… (yeah, I AM trying to make myself feel better I guess?) You know that basic thing whereby the inertia of a solitary passenger is not quick enough to change into the inertia of a moving car? Yeah, the part where you get yourself flung towards the back upon a certain amount of acceleration… and that’s shocking. Rudely shocking

Well, I’m glad that mom actually took the initiative to let me have a full hands-on experience and to guide me whenever I make any mistakes in the process… thanks mom! Luvya!