I said it. Pure meaning mentioned.

*sigh* it’s been a while, no? pretty much…. I’ve been caught up in my own world until I’ve not much time for this online journal. Maybe, I won’t be able to update it everyday like I used to anymore.. Yeah, I’m finally succumbing to time constraint; not that I never did, but never this drastic till I’m willing to sacrifice my blog~

Being in the blues these few day was the worst yet… after my ice cream hit Su Ting’s shoe (she just went to the toilet) I sub-consciously continued my delicious dessert… at my own expense. Pretty dumb huh… very DUMB. The night after, at 1.30am, I was rudely awakened by a discomfort at my belly…. my monstrous heavy breathing scared me too. Without thinking, I dashed towards the bathroom to puke yesterday’s lunch and dinner! Yeah.. I could tell- effects of indigestion. =0

When I thought everything was back to normal, I slumbered for half-an-hour before having to dash to the bathroom again to puke nothing but a brown liquidified substance. Gross ain’t it? I’ll spare the details here.. =) This revolting cycle repeated until 6.30am…. Vomitting every 30minutes never felt this awful. To make matters worse, the raging tides in my stomach was the main event… nothing could make me tremble under the covers more than stomch can.. ouch.

Diarrhoea struck. Worse than it ever could.

Passing motion never signified solid faeces anymore… what was deposited was more of an aqueus form.. eww. Fine, I’ll stop. The moment I awoke at 10am, I found mom with a container of my disgusting passes. (puke, I mean) GAwd! Rushed to the doctor to find 2other people frm my sch itself…. whoa. Blame it all on the canteen food ey? =P Had this M.C for 2 whole days… wheeeee! But stayin at home was not worth anything at the moment.. what’s home, when you are grimacing in bed for hours? Pointless, I must say.

The very next day, I dragged myself to school just to sit for Mr. Oung’s EST test. Yeah, the one that contributes 10% to our 1st monthly test? I certainly must not let it slip away.. well, it’s not my choice but my mom’s. When I got there, a friend of mine told me thta Mr. Oung wasn’t present.. so much for rushing there. She’ll kill me if she finds out that I’m missing on my test. That competitive character in her must be contagious! *gasp*

Let’s not be Mr. Blame-it-all shall we>? yepyepyep.. Chinese New Year is just a couple of days away.. till then Gong Xi Fa Chai, Ang Pow Gia Lai! =)