and it’s driving me broke to the core.

I mean, seriously. Why do I know so many people whose birthday is in September? It’s still alright if I just KNOW them. But no, these people are my good friends. So, in a way or so I just want to get them a birthday gift.

It’s my old childhood friend Chiew Nyen’s birthday on the 3rd. An acquaintance WeeHwang’s birthday was on the 6th. My guy friend ShengJi’s party was held in Chilis last Sunday. My mum’s on the 12th and Dad’s will be this the 23rd. My long time pal Jovan’s on the 10th and I’m invited to his BBQ party this 14th. My former classmate Carmen’s on the 18th. And finally, my classmate David’s having his celebration this 29th. The rest of the birthday boys and gurls will receive their wishes from me via sms, phone calls and face-to-face.

goodness gracious.
And right now, I’m left with less than 50bucks to last the whole month after reloading my cellphone credit for the 8th time this month, buying them birthday gifts and treating mum dinner. More birthdays to come in this September.

Am I supposed to be excited or worried? =0

Anyhow, I returned from the gym and surprised mumby taking her for dinner in Victoria Station.
That’s the train in its mighty glow     —>         

Yeah, I tried to make it the least suspicious as I was still in my sports wear, picking her straight up after gym. Eww. Imagine going to a place like Victoria Station dressed like that and all dirty from a good work out.
It’s not like I give two hoots on how others perceive.

ooh by the way—

This waiter is so adorable and pleasantly sweet. He’s Burmese!

Note to readers: The cherry is schweeeet! The cheesecake sucks. Everything else is fantastically exquisite.

But not the cheesecake.
I repeat, the cheesecake sucks

It was just a small and personal gift from me to her though, she says she’ll give a belated birthday treat soon to the people she klnows

Who’s birthday is next?
I’m telling you – I’m officially broke. Do NOT expect anything form me.

*runs and hides in the corner*