Prangin Mall – after two whole years!

I admit, I’ve never really been a fan of Prangin mall and  yes, I was rather “lost” when we entered it today. Thankfully, I had my gurls who knew the place inside-out to lead the way.

All of us (including the dudes) went for a quick lunch recommended by one of my besties, Joyce . *psst* the tomyam soup was delightful regardless of the fact that my tears kept streaming down and my face turned scarlet.


Hey, I was considered good enough already, for a person who can’t take spicy stuff right? =P Joyce choked on the chilli

and her eyes were so watery!

Being gurls, we decided to do a quick round of shopping *winks* Thankfully, we weren’t late for Mr. Irwan’s class.

Melvin had been cut in half due to his unique circumstances (bluek)

Specimen unidentified

My date with boyfriend Benj was fabulous. Numero Uno! It was one of those special days that are hard to come by as both Benj and I have been very occupied. We spent the entire day together in Queensbay Mall. Actually, we were supposed to be on a movie marathon but only ended up watching a couple of movies instead. The rest of the time was spent on our dinner in Sakae Sushi

Hubby, I love the soft shell crab temaki roll!

and (haha) Toys R‘Us having some silly fun together.

defense of the dark arts

Strangely enough, I love to see the lil kid in him. It makes me reminisce on my childhood as well – how i was madly in love with huge cuddly soft toys.

We bought ohmigawd so much snacks (DENISE!!!!! i FAILED OUR FOOD PLAN TODAY!!) for tonight. Somehow, I just wish I didn’t have class tomorrow at fuggin’ 9am in the morning *yawns*

Thanks for the wonderful afternoon sweetheart -*smooch*