Wow. Steph is going out with some new and eligible bachelor Danai Spa dude now. A charitable dude with good English; sweet and gentlemanly, driving a beamer and all. Pretty cool huh? Everything seems good, but be careful gurl. Hmm.. I’m satisfied with my guy! *winx at Benj*

Class ended early and we headed down to Little Cottage for lunch. THAT was where the ultimate sin had befallen. a Tiramisu cake? a Butterscotch cake? What was I thinking? Lucky Denise refused to join us, for she knew that she might bust her diet too. Haha. Smart. I thought I would be able to control myself, but it all seemed beyond me at that very point of indulgence.

You’d be barking mad to resist

There we were in the cosy foodspot
Food in its glory.. sigh

I just knew it – something would somehow creep up and stop me from hitting the gym. *frowns*
Yeah, we MCC committee members headed down to Nad’s crib to create this uber cool mosaic appreciation board for our dear ol’ Mr. Mark a.k.a Shiny. There we were spending 5 whole hours measuring, cutting, pasting and arranging to make it picture-perfect. Of course, distraction comes and goes:

when America’s Next Top Model was on air on Channel [V],
   Look at the engrossed bunny! =P

when Kelly the cat entered the room

 Bunny best friends with feline species!

when foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood sizzled over
Karyn dipping in!

and when VJ Sarah was veejay-ing. (we can leave her for Ragu’s eyes)

 This is a must-have look during mating season!

The humid weather got the better of me and soon I found myself suffering from a slight migraine. I caught my forty winks and woke up rejuvenated. *all smiles*

And so finally, we were done. I hope Mark will be happy. More than happy. I would picture him having a baboonish grin plastered all over his face upon receiving it. NOT.