On my return trip to Melbourne last month, le boyfie and I took a week up to Sydney and Newcastle.

Clearly, I'm not referring to Newcastle upon Tyne located in the United Kingdom but the predominant city within the Hunter Region, which sits north-east from Sydney.

Upsie daisy!

As Kon's mother mentioned, "You're very lucky to have a beautiful day today!" as the rest of the other days spent in Newcastle were almost always cloudy and a subsequent heavy downpour.

Phew! Yay for sunshine! 

Thank you for parting your clouds & allowing the sun to peek through for me, Newie!

We parked the car and got down to enjoy a stroll along the coastal road

Sunny days ahoy!


Oh and I forgot to mention, the beautiful coastal line that we are at is called The Foreshore.


Quite a touristy place, if I do say so myself. It's located pretty close to the CBD as well. 

I caught sight of many with their cameras strapped around their necks too!

So refreshing

Couldn't ask for a lovelier day than this with him! 


How I love taking in beautiful, calm sights!

Whilst I am having my arms outstretched and basking in the sun, guess who else followed suit? 😛


We kept walking along the path and I was pretty much fascinated with whatever I saw that evening.

It takes an enthusiastic tourist to have a local realize what a lovely place it is worth living in.

The roundabout and the immigrations department

Previously, le boyfie has been telling me so much about a certain "penis tower" that Newcastle is famous for.

So…. what is this "penis tower" exactly about and how does it look like? I wanted to see it for myself.

LOL. No wonder! 😛

While we got to the bottom of the "penis tower" I got to know that its official name was Queens Wharf Tower.

Iconic! We decided to climb 40 metres up the spiral staircase to catch the view from a bird's eye view.

Tired! Little bit more! Up up up!

Finally got up there and it sure as well was worth it.

The view was magnificent! I regretted not bringing my DSLR with me at the time.

Taking a rest on the steps

Could've taken heaps of wide-angle to fish-eye shots if I had brought my gear along!! Grrr 

Wonder what's on that little island? 😀

Sssso pretty!

Scenery from up above

Watching the traffic go by

View from another angle!

Camwhoring on the steps 😀

We're 40.3 metres above! 😀 😀

We got down after that and headed back to the car.

I couldn't help running towards the pier to look below at the sea from here 😀

 the sounds of the sea; especially the waves!

I was taken by surprise 


Result : a beautiful shadow!


Foreshore was amazing 😀

So we all headed to the beach next, as the sun was about to go down in an hour.

Perfect time to capture the sunset!

Drove past the Newcastle beach

And arrived our destination!

It wasn't exactly a beach; was more of an estuary which beautiful rocks, clearly seen during low-tide.

View from the top!

Took this shot when we were down by the rocks  Looks like a poster/calendar right?

This somehow reminds me of a screenshot off Discovery Channel or something #justsaying

The rocks reflected the sunset rays too. People were seen fishing!

See the rocks below? We walked precariously from rock to rock without slipping.

Taking pretty pictures against the sunset background!

(had to brighten us a tad bit cos we could hardly be seen!)

T'was beautiful indeed

Starfishes, tiny crabs, prawns & other crustaceans were spotted!

While le boyfie was busy crouching around the rocks looking at miniature sea creatures, I parked my arse onto one of the massive rocks and dipped my feet into the crystal clear water below.

So cold!!!! Eeeeeek!


With each tide of wave that comes periodically, a gush of water runs through these rocks

The waves stopped for a little while

My desktop wallpaper at the moment 

This happened pretty candidly to be honest.

We were talking to each other of what other poses we should do and then *click* goes the camera 😀

I love this photo! Thanks to the mistur!!! 


Setting… setting….

Spent quite a while there, the sun began to set into the horizon more and more

Shot with a polarizing filter

It was time to go home & get ready for dinner.

It was Maria's birthday 😀 

Bye bye Newcastle beach!

I had heaps of fun  ^____^