Guess what I have been undergoing for the past month? It's this technology called the IPL treatment

Like many girls out there, I've always wanted permanent hair removal – EVERYWHERE.

Underarms, legs, pubes, wherever there is unsightly hair. You name it & we want it gone.


Blame the female race for making it a major faux pas to have bushythick canopies of hair.

Why isit a BIG no-no?

You have your answer right there.

So, I began searching for a good, effective IPL treatment (and one that actually works & doesn't burn a big hole in my wallet!) and after much surveying around beauty centres, I found the best one of the lot!! 


I found that My Body Secrets offers IPL treatments for hair removal (underarm, legs, pubes.. etc) and most importantly?

They guarantee results in their package of 5 sessions.

Me undergoing my 1st session 

Don't know what IPL is?

It's short for Intensive Pulsed Light which is a technology aimed at producing light of high intensity during a very short period of time that can be used to permanently reduce the total number of body hairs in a certain desired region of your body.

My Body Secrets always recommend wearing sunglasses/protective goggles

to ensure that the light does not enter the eyes

I have already undergone 3 out of 5 sessions and I'm very happy with the results thus far!


My hair is now so fine and I can hardly see it 'cos it hardly grows anymore.  SO OVERJOYED!

In fact, after the 2nd session I can already begin to see excellent results. Yup, it's that effective!! 

Taken during my 2nd session last week

Prior to this IPL treatment, I usually shave/pluck/wax once or twice a week 'cos I hate the sight of ANY hair on me (besides the ones on my head of course).

Best part was, after the 2nd session, I did not shave nor pluck any hair off my underarms for A WHOLE MONTH because there were hardly any hair growing! What's there to pluck, man?

Almost hairless already, only after the 2nd session!

Will definitely update you guys again after my 5 sessions are completed.

Though I can safely say I do not need to trouble myself to wax/shave/pluck anymore! 

Oh and My Body Secrets is currently having promotions for a limited time.


1. Their first trial is only RM45 now!

2. Promo price is now 60% off the original price of RM2000 for 5 sessions

3. You can pay by instalments for your package

4. There's a student price too! 

Call +603-6142-4898 to ask any further questions or check out their Facebook page for more information


It's super-worth it and effective! Go and experience it for yourself, okay?

Trust me, it works! I am personally undergoing it myself and I can definitely testify that it does wonders! 

 Fun Facts 

IPL hair removal is cheaper and faster than laser hair removal

IPL can also be used as a skin treatment 


Skin treatment? Yup, that's what I'm undergoing too. Find out more in my subsequent post! 🙂 But for now,

Quickly call them and enquire about their IPL hair removal promotions/package & you can finally……



I mean it!