Remember my previous post on the Permanent Hair Removal treatment for underarms and other bodily hair?

That's not all. The wonders of IPL by My Body Secrets has impressed me once again.


Since it's proven effective for Acne problems too, I thought I'd also give this a try.

Who doesn't want better skin, right? Here's how it works :



IPL Acne Therapy is an effective new light-based therapeutic therapy is now revolutionizing the treatment of acne. The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne — without drugs, without pain and without downtime. 

IPL, “Intense Pulse Light” is one of the safest acne treatments available…proven to be extremely effective on moderate inflammatory acne. Its technology uses light that is UV-safe and has no known side effects. 


I wouldn't actually consider myself having bad acne at the moment.

But liike many adolescents, I've always been battling acne back in my teenaged years. So it left many scars till now, and still enduring the slightly-more-than-occasional pimple popping up here and there. SO ANNOYING!! 


Session 1


Yes I know, barenaked face completely without make up so unglam and ugly.

But I'm still showing you anyway for the purpose of this blogpost 🙂


First, they will wash my face, pat it dry and apply a cold gel on my face with a brush before the IPL treatment


Session 2


The IPL treatment on my face was an equally fast and pain-free experience.

I generally have a high threshold of pain (6 piercings, 4 tattoos and counting!) but you should be just as fine.


It is just a slightly warm/hot sensation when the light penetrates your face 🙂

Not exactly painful at all if you ask me – it'll be over in less than 10 minutes!


Washwash! 🙂 My Body Secrets girls are very professional and accommodating too


As I had been really busy even back in Malaysia and had been away for a month in Australia recently, I wasn't able to be disciplined enough to go as often as every week as I ought to.   Hence why the results weren't as obvious as the underarm one.

So remember, when you begin this, you should commit to your sessions either weekly or fortnightly (as recommended by the therapist, as everyone's skin is different)


Session 3!


Now that I'm back in Malaysia, I shall be more disciplined to attend my sessions every week and update you guys on the progress/results! 😀 😀 😀 

Oh and after you've done the IPL on your face, your facial skin will be slightly more sensitive and its absorption rate will be higher (so avoid direct sunlight for a week!).

So obviously, you would want to use better products on your face to quicken your progress 🙂

It's not a must, but highly recommended if you want to see 100% results. I'll highlight the ones I'm using!


Cleansing Milk (for mature/aged/dry skin)
Foaming Cleanser (for acne/oily skin)


Green Herbal Tonic Lotion (for acne/oily skin)

Pink Tonic Lotion (for mature/aged/dry skin)


That's for Cleanse and Tone, now on to the extras!

Here are the ones available, I'll show you my faves 😀 😀


Ta-daa! The range.


Maja International is an Australian brand which focuses on herbal ingredients + scientific formulas.

Go check 'em out if you want, I've linked their name to their website for yall to see.


Double Action Oxygel with Sunscreen (for normal to mature/dry skin)

Rehydrating Oxy Mask (for mature/dry skin)


Guava Facial Scrub (for all skin types)

*bestseller* Green Purifiying Face Mask (for normal to oily/acne-prone skin)


And these final two are my favorites!!

They work wonders on my skin :D


Triple Action Oxygel (it is tinted too, so I hardly use foundation anymore – this works perfectly!)

*bestseller* Oxygel (helps healing of acne scars & has anti-inflammatory properties!)


So far, it has only been my 3rd session.

Can't wait to see the progress of my skin and its improvements – will definitely share again once I'm done!


My Body Secrets is currently having a promotion!

First trial is RM38.


If you like it and want to continue, you can opt to sign up a package –


RM400 for 5 sessions instead of the original price of RM1200.

Quickly book your appointment before the promo ends!


You can now pay by instalments and if you're a student, you are entitled for a student price! 😀


Call +603-6142-4898 to ask any further questions or check out their Facebook page for more information


I will be going for my 4th session next Monday

Wish me luck! 😀 😀 


Get ready to welcome your flawless skin once again, high five  for greater skin!