As we go on

We remember

All the times we

Had together


And as our lives change

Come whatever

We will still be friends forever!


 Welcome readers! Here’s your ticket-


Function: Graduation Dinner 2007

Theme: Tropical Heat

Time: 7pm

Venue: Karaikudi Restaurant

Admit: one


Finally, after all the ice-cream sales, discussions, preparations… we, the Mass Communication Club committee members managed to pull together quite a successful Graduation Dinner. No, it was not my graduation (how I wish) ; it was for our graduates of the 2005 batch.

Every occasion must certainly have a candid shot worth a giggle!

After having the venue revised over and over again, our dinner took place in a very cosy Northern Indian restaurant – Karaikudi Restaurant, Tg. Bungah. Wow, the Briyani Rice came in such a huge portion and the cottage cheese curry was absolutely sinful.                                               

Mr. Mark ate that the most and kept mentioning to me that he didn’t give a rat’s ass about the calories consumed. Uhm.. Mr. Mark, I not only give a rat’s ass; I give a whale’s ass too!


It was strange that a few people spread that lecturer Ms. Ruby Tan was my sister.

  Since I was Jessica Tan, it seemed rather convincing. =P

But no, I assure you – we are not affiliated in any way, except that she is my lecturer who I place quite high in my close/favourite people list.


The night had a couple of ‘twins’ as said so by the others. Here, take a look. What do you think?


The night was young as we continued our chats and picture-taking sessions. Mr. Mark gave a very interesting welcome and got us guffawing at his witty speech. Hmm.. for those in the know, that statement is nothing new; he naturally has an amazing sense of humour!

Special thanks goes to Irwan & Felicia too. They rock!


Let’s hope my very OWN graduation dinner would be just as good – hopefully even better, haha – in year 2009! Adios!

  Grads, Lecturers, Admin Staff and MCC Committee!