It’s exactly 1 month after Christmas and I just realized I haven’t blogged about Part 2 of my Christmas celebrations yet. Whoops.

So today will be all about my Christmas celebrations in WEIL Hotel, Ipoh with la familia!



Just like every year, we’ll either head back to Ipoh or Penang to spend Christmas eve all through the Christmas weekend together.

Not for religious purposes, Christmas, to us, is really just an annual ‘year end’ family thing we’ve always been doing since I was a kid. Fast-forward decades later, I’m glad this family tradition never changed 🙂


But first… tonight’s OOTD! Big Smile

Outfit of the day/night would be this beautiful, elegant dark fuchsia dress and nude heels.

If you haven’t already realized from my Instagram photos and recent blog posts, I’ve (almost) completely revamped my wardrobe.

Slowly but surely, my style has gradually changed from being a tad too revealing & low-cut, to more of an elegant & classy yet decent one… simply because I’ve learned that a woman’s beauty and purity lies in her modesty.


Dress by: Dorothy Perkins

Gladiator nude heels by: Steve Madden

Accessories by: DIVA

Back to the story!

It wasn’t a long drive there, about a little under 30 minutes from my folks’ place.

One thing’s for sure though, we were starving already. Certainly couldn’t wait for the feast awaiting us! Teehee.

Mom & I – selfie from the backseat

Read on to find out where we went and how we celebrated!

Hurrah! We’ve arrived.

Festive interior and table decor!

I remember being here before! La familia took me to WEIL Hotel’s rooftop restaurant for my birthday. It’s a shame that I haven’t blogged about it… or have I? Don’t think so. Guess I’ll backtrack later to check 😀


My, my, what a big Christmas tree you have!


Arriving WEIL Hotel I caught sight of this humongous tree that wasn’t typically made out of artificial leaves & branches, but made out of planks spray painted in white, decorated with fairy lights and Christmas ornaments.

How clever! Adore



3-piece classical live band in motion! A wonderful medley of brass, string & keyboard instruments indeed.

It’s not everyday you get to watch someone playing the bass, keyboard piano & saxophone in perfect unison.

Time to eat! I was immensely impressed by the generous variety & portions of dishes that they had to offer on the buffet spread.

The food there was not only the closest traditional Christmas menu one can ever get in Ipoh but of top quality too – fresh cuts of meat, seasonal veggies right off the pan, hot soups, elaborate desserts, live cooking & carving stations and so much more – you definitely catch my drift, don’t you? 😀


Spotted many people coming back for seconds and thirds!


I happily hogged the dessert station. LOL

Would you just LOOK at these beautifully crafted gingerbread houses? 


Not long after being spoilt for choice at their huge variety, I chomped down my Christmas dinner and went back for seconds. 😛 *burp*


 Stored what may look like a week’s worth of fresh vegetables & prime cuts of lean meat

Oh and a bit of pasta 🙂 


Here, take a closer look 🙂


 A photo with these dearest women in my life


 Got caught red-handed while taking a selfie!



Ignore the dirt on my Huawei Mate S casing. 🙁

I was reading the newspaper and as usual, the ink got onto everything I touched next. Oh well 🙁 Anyway, here’s the result of the selfie in question. LOL


My Huawei Mate S’ beauty mode certainly does wonders for the skin!


 RIIIIGHHHTT???? 😀 😀  Told you!


Skin level: Flawless

Thanks to my Mate S’ auto beautify mode! No edits needed.


 Oh and, say hello to my very suave Uncle Mike

Apart from the scrumptious dinner spread, melodious music and amazing company, what really tickled my fancy tonight was their gigantic, life-sized gingerbread houses! It was so huge and well-decorated.

Absolutely loving it! Big Smile


 Hello? Who’s there? 🙂 

But it gets even better.

From a distance, the gingerbread house caught my attention. Needless to say, they would obviously be makeshift gingerbreads – made out of cardboard or styrofoam, perhaps, made to look like actual gingerbreads.



But I was wrong. I tried to peel it just for fun AND A CHUNK OF IT CAME RIGHT OFF! Dribble

The texture was doughy, soft and smelt exactly like gingerbread. Who in the right mind would bake THIS MANY huge gingerbread pieces just to build several gingerbread houses, block by block, for Christmas?

Give yourselves a pat on the back. Takes effort and dedication, yo. Totally didn’t expect this. Great job!


 Candid shot of momsie and I


In the spirit of Christmas, let’s all take some time to reflect on all our good tidings and wrongdoings for the year.

I sure am aware of mine 🙂


Merry Christmas and on for a better 2016 ahead! 🙂