Like every other year that was, Chinese New Year meant heading back to Penang & Ipoh to celebrate with my family & friends back home.

This year was no different. With theboyf sending me off again with a farewell lunch date, he watched me adjourn to Penang for a week of R&R and festivity.


See ya real soon, baby!

The moment he sent me off at the airport, guess who I bumped into at the departure hall?

What are the odds – my very own cousin Maddy! 😀


We were on the same flight but many seats apart, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, caught up for a bit!


Touched down in homeland Penang. Greeted to home-cooked food. Ahh.. bliss.


1st Round of Reunion Dinners have always been just the 3 of us.

It’s the 2nd & 3rd Round that are full of relatives

Read on to see what we did at nightfall! 😬


Post-Reunion Dinner fun; fireworks!

We’re all dolled up – it’s the first day of Chinese New Year!


Embracing my oriental side.


Love mom’s cherry blossom plant!


After the morning & day’s festivity simmered down, I took a quick escape to Nail World off Burmah Road with the bestie Joyce for some much-needed pampering.
She had to drag me there and I was a tad reluctant.


En route.


You see, I generally am not one to book myself an appointment at a manicure-pedicure salon because I can very well do my nails myself. In fact, I do my own nails every fortnight! 🙂 Surprised? Teehee.
Although I must say, that one of the other reasons I also don’t go for manicures & pedicures is because I can’t see myself paying RM75 – RM100 bucks for my nails to be professionally painted.


But I had a wonderful time having a girly catch-up with her regardless.

Sometimes, it’s not what we do… but who we’re with that matters 🙂


Walked into a pet grooming store attached to it and
I kept myself busy with the pomeranians!


Mom took me to Queensbay Mall for some shopping & sight-seeing. Ha Ha

I have to give it to the team for its enormous Chinese New Year decor this year… it’s simply amazing and stretched up to 3 storeys.


I was truly impressed with its makeshift 19th century Chinatown.


Hi! Who’s there? Am I in the Forbidden City?


Shopping with mom is always fun! Love the NAKED Smoky palette by Urban Decay.


Won’t wanna buy this though 🙁 I still have so many eye shadow palettes at home that I know I’ll neglect if I bought this wonder of a marble-themed palette.


Mom bought this cute top for me. Love the floral pocket!

 Yes, forgive me for shopping for glasses again.
Lil sis Victoria scolds me for having too many pairs.


I can’t deny that 🙁 To date, I have 6 pairs, including the one theboyf bought for me last week. Adore


First time at VapeTech, Penang!

Always a supporter of VapeTech, so I googled for a VapeTech in Penang and voila!


Caught up with buddy Sim for a quick shisha session in Georgetown.


That’s all I managed to squeeze my days for in Penang.

Had a brilliant time albeit the short time I have.


And we’re off to Ipoh to visit the rest of the fam bam!


Enjoying the journey indeed!


Every trip to Ipoh has always been a rewarding family experience,
particularly with Popoh around!

I love her to bits and she knows it. Ha Ha


We are very much alike in so many ways!


Popoh & kakak’s fabulous homemade Nasi Lemak that I could vouch for
over and over again!


I even had seconds! No wait… was it thirds? 😛


Selfie time with mom whilst at a relative’s house 🙂


You know what came perfectly in time for Chinese New Year too?

The Wild Things Chinese New Year set!

Picked them out to try. Absolute love!

The Wild Things has always been my favorite local accessories brand 🙂


Take two!

What also arrived this Chinese New Year was my Cubecrate CNY edition box as well.

Full blog post about how amazing Cubecrate is real soon! Can’t wait to share how proud I am of this local surprise gift box brand too.



After happily unwrapping my parcels, it’s time for dinner with the fambam! Big Smile


At Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant, Medan Ipoh.


A shot of the delicious spread that evening.


After a short two days in Ipoh, it’s now time to head back to the daily grind in KL.

Funny how I always dread going back despite the abundance that the city has to offer, and of course, the presence of going ‘home’ into theboyf’s warm embrace. Despite that all, a tinge of reluctance will always find its way to creep up on me. 🙁


Hello again, Ipoh Railway Station.


I’m coming home, Kay Elle! 😀


Got super bored in the 2.5 hour journey train ride so I started Snapchatting and playing with Snapchat filters.

Add me: imthejessicat 😀


Here’s how I’d look with a side-by-side comparison about 40 years later.


Back in KL, the housies and I headed out to Publika for some Japanese cuisine & coffee!

Guess which stores were our picks? 😀


Dinner at Rakuzen.


Definitely left a huge dent in our wallets but hey, we don’t mind indulging in top-quality Jap food every now and then! As if we didn’t already spend enough, we adjourned to Coffee Societe for some chocolate & coffee sips.


Yep. That’s mine. Coffee + Milk + Nutella Ice Cubes.

Pretty wicked combo! Tasted absolutely divine.


With Publika being my second home, it was no surprise that I found myself there again the very next day.

This artsy-fartsy mall became our choice of venue for my couzzie and I’s meet up!


But first… vape time!

eVic-VTC Mini mod + Zephyrus V2 tank + Chikai Mango by VapeTech

An afternoon of girl talks and catching up over lost time.

This chicka here resides in the US of A and I’m lucky to catch her one arvo!


We headed to The Red Beanbag to have some coffee, Eggs Benedict & Seafood Pasta.

Absolute faves! That’s why I always come here.


Days got merrier when I headed out with the godsis & her mom.

A night of awesome girl talk, wisdom and laughter.


Turned up the party dial over the weekend at Zion Club KL at Changkat Bukit Bintang

with the boyfie and some of my fave partymates, Venny & Vinna.

Me-times are best spent with Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Would you vape with me?

Quiet nights in geeking over The Big Bang Theory is indeed, therapy.


Just when I finally got into the momentum of enjoying my CNY holidays, it’s time for work again. That being said, the long break did give me heaps of rejuvenation and a much-needed recharge!


Our ‘hoi-kung’ office CNY lunch with the colleagues & bosses.

Oh and that’s what my fortune cookie says. Hardy-har-har.


And right smack in the middle of CNY season, was Valentines Day! 😀

Read my take on Valentines Day in an interview by here.

Nowadays, I wouldn’t say I’m that big of a fan of Vday as I used to be. IMHO, as I grow up, I realized that Valentines Day shouldn’t be just a one-off thing, but more of something to be celebrated and felt every single day with the ones you love. 

And with that, I am blessed to say that this one never ceased to make me feel loved and adored. Sure, there may be down-times, but then again, which relationship doesn’t? 🙂


Our Valentines Day in pictures.


Outfit of the Day on our Valentines Day date-night.

Hair by: The Scizzors Palace | Top by:  Monki |
Jeans by: Uniqlo | Bag by: Chanel| Heels by: Aldo

(Quote THEJESSICAT to receive 20% off any hair services!)


Every day is Valentines Day when I’m with you.


Almost got matching shoes that night but it was a little over our budgets that month!

(Shh… I hope he doesn’t read this, but I’m getting it for him secretly)


Towards the end of Chinese New Year, things went a little downhill. Crying

Granny had to be admitted to the hospital for some complications in her breathing & water retention in her lungs. She was practically coughing her lungs out and had high fever for several days.

As soon as I received the news, I sped down to Ipoh with tears streaming down my cheeks non-stop. Bad memories of my late grandfather came flashing into vision like lightning bolts amidst a stormy sky. 🙁



Seeing her on the hospital bed attached to an oxygen mask with tubes & needles leading in and out of her body – this was too much to take in. All control of the waterworks were completely lost and I burst into tears. I certainly did not want to see her in such pain and discomfort!

A few days later, her arteries that were leading to her left side of the lower body were discovered to be blocked.

She is making great progress as we speak and have since been discharged, and I believe with God’s will, her health will be restored with His grace & healing.


So yes, a little late but that’s how my 15 days of Chinese New Year went.

How did you spend yours? 😀