Hie honey… mafuckin’ jelly

Gross. That just gave me the goosebumps. Since when did I ever started addressing my blog that way? Whatev-

School was awesome today. Obviously the reason being something happened that made me somewhat happy. Yeah, the positions were out! And well, I clenched the 5th spot. *woohoo* Now mum, you don’t have any God-damned reason not to treat me better! =P

Haha. You know what ain’t no laughing matter? It’s the fact that I’ve not done, oh, scratch that.. I’ve not even STARTED my EST essay and BM essay. And unlucky-lucky me, its due date is TOMORROW!!!!!!!! How saddening. Serve me right for not prioritizing well. *sigh*

Ciao. Need to go start those darn essays… owh how cute! My hubby’s right behind me all curled up in a ball sleeping so soundly.. almost like a pangolin during winter! *lol*