I…. just.. love…. ‘Unfaithful‘ by Rihanna.

BUT! a capital ‘but’ that is. That song has nothing even remotely close to my life, from the bottom of my heart. I assure you darling. *mwahx*
I practically love it just because it’s very honest and with all her good heart, she doesn’t want to hurt her current man anymore for all that she done or about to do.

You guys out there better listen to this latest number yea?
It bagged the number 7th spot on the Billboard charts.

My anniversary was just over yesterday. Haha. Nothing exactly interesting though.. woke up late, had lunch, watched the telly, went for tuition, had dinner, watched the idiot box again, went to sleep. How odd hmm>? No.. don’t jump to conclusions. We celebrated it the day before! =) Had a blast with you dear~

And….. *drumroll* consecutively my birthday’s just around the corner! Say.. 2more days? Yup. And from what I know, my babe’s got something up his sleeve again. Owhkay… I’ll wait. 2more days can’t possibly be that long right? =) But, God still gave me the best present of all. The Biology subject prize that’s going to reach my hands this Friday! Wait a sec-

That means tomorrow, no? *Wheeee* Praise the Lord for He works in wonders! Hallelujah!

On another note, something outrageous happened to me yesterday. I was doing some people watching with KittYeng and Fazrina after tuition yesterday. The usual, eyeing the hair, the look, the car that pulls up to fetch them, the clothing, the bags.. etc. I clearly remembered that I mentioned very audibly that I really favour Chevrolet Aveo. Coincidentally, an Aveo approached us. Simply wonderful.. but damn, it was an awful shade of Dark Blue. With that, I said (quite loudly I suppose) that how that icky colour made the car look terrible to a point that it can’t possibly be any more horrendous. Fazrina laughed. Normal isn’t it? Until……………………………….
she walked right up to that car!!! AAAARRRGGHHH!!! That incident taught me to keep my gab shut and to reserve my comments. But if I did, it wouldn’t be me anymore. =) Maybe I shud learn to be a little more discreet? Yeah, that’ll help. Sorry Faz! =0 I had no idea!

Time to hide my embarrassment.. bury my face in some food! *lol*