umm…. but excuse me? Do u all noe who tha hell won tha malaysian idol season two?

Yeah.. n well… thanx to all those pathetic lil pinky gurls in pig-tails, he won. Daniel. Ohh…. tha pain when i type his name. Daniel. Its stabbing. Daniel. N to think that he won, tha whole nation noes that he won based on popularity.. not tha talent. Evn tha judges noe that Nita shud clinch her rightful place.. not him.. they were juz being VERY courteous about it. Daniel. In ur face, pig!

When Phat Fabes mentioned there were a bus load of tiny 13-15year old in pink shorts frantically screaming “ddddaannniiiiiieel!!” I knew it. Itz a downright blow to Nita. Such disgrace to tha Malaysian music industry. She knew she deserves to win. Tha public noes it too… aiite, fine…. U voted foh daniel? Fine! but deep down u knew who tha talented powerful singer was. U voted foh Nita? ur a mature n deep thinking person.

Sure, Daniel is one total hottie… even i, drooled over him once. Based on ma own research, Itz tha favorite.. not tha talent. When asked, tha normal answers i get will be like,

1. Hes so cute!! oh ma gawsh!
2. Huh? I noe Nita is better, but hes still not bad whadd…
3. Dddddddaaaaaanieeeeell!!!!!
4. Oh, hes in ma university mah… all support him lo..
5. Hes my friends son.
6. I dunno wan.. my fren ask me 2send in tha vote i send lo
7. Hes de only chinese k??
8. He can learn summore ma
9. Hes so young nia.. give him a chance lo
10. Dun care! Dun care! Daniel muz win!!

As such, isnt it juz like voting Dina over Jac last year? U KNOW tha talent lies in Jac, so u voted foh her… Dina wuz so much better than Daniel, So why didnt she beat Jac juz like how Daniel had beaten Nita? Obviusly cuz shez big, fat, childish n unappealing. While, Daniel is tha one 2be desired in every 10-15year olds meek heart. Get a life people, isnt high time we give tha title to who deserves it?

By tha way, Roslan Aziz.. u hv mistaken. Itz not 1.2million VOTERS, itz 1.2 million VOTES. Dont u noe that there are sum pathetic losers out there who actually sits down for an hour or so, voting non-stop? Filthy rich brats i presume. Go! Go on n vote like blind doves! N m’sia wud lose its’ dignity in tha world idol next time. Lest i forsee.

+thoroughly dissatisfied Jess+