Yeah, u gessed it.. HELL i kant take it no more! Ma parentz r such *&%$#!@*   waaarrrghhhhhhh yerrrghhhhh  ggrrraaarrrrrl lggghhh!!!!

Aiite, herez tha deal==>

One fine unexpected night, ma mom started 2nag at stuff.. so as usual, i juz didnt give a hoot bout wut shez tokin about. So yeah.. it all went on well till i went in2 ma room. There she wuz.. readin tha newsppr. So i juz sat down doin ma stuff n her engine started running immediately! Broom broom bark bark yadda yadda blah bla… She wuz jabbering non-stop! Gawd noez wut tha fukk it wuz about.. Summin like, about accumulated stuff i gess.

Ignore i tried.. but failed completely. I almost went beserk!! Here u are trying 2read while MRS VERY ANNOYING AND AGITATING BIARTCH babbles in2 ur ear. Like, Hello?? Kant u save it foh later? N yeah… alter u tone ov voice.. itz even more instigating!! Grrarll!!So oviusly, i got pissed.. n i told her “women who nags are very unlovable!” I mean, itz true.. her constant nags were gettin in2 me! So anyway, she FINALLY stopped. ^_^

wen i tot tha war wuz over, i juz came along saying.. “u noe what happened in sch 2day?” N she yelled in an even more pugnacious tone “WHATT???!!?” i wuz stumped. wut wuz her freakin problem>? So i juz coolly mentioned ” i dun tok 2ppl who shout like dat” N gez wut? ever since then, we never spoke a single word to each other. n tha best part is, dat wuz since last Sunday. wateva. If she doesnt give a rats ass about trying 2patch up (i had) then neither shud i anymore.

2make tha matterz worse bout parent-aid syndromes, i made a call frm sch 2home this morning.. with tha purpose 2inform kakak dat she doesnt hv 2cook lunch 2day. Unfortunately, tha monster in ma life (my geez-ever-so-temperamental father) picked up d phone. So i juz told him 2pass me 2kakak n he childishly insisted i tell him first. So anyway, after i did.. he began interrogating me bout why doesnt she has 2cook, why, etc… i wuz like, Damn it! Juz pass her tha fukkin phone! (of cuz, i wasnt so disrespectful 2say dat but… ma alter-ego wuz yelling her brains out) So he went on babbling gibberish.. OHMAGAWD i juz wanted 2slam tha freakin receiver back on tha payphone.

Fyi, i hv a few otha frenz whom are going thru sum sh*t wiv their parents too…

so.. ma question boiles down to this>> WHAT IS WRONG WIV THA PARENTS?? sUM SECOND REALM OF CHILDHOOD PERHAPS? OR JUST SUM  I.P.S? (idiotic parent syndrome)

a million-dollar question. In ma case, a millionHair… cuz of collecting all ma parents dropped hair. so yeah, wutz d problem? ma problem, mom and dad… is YOU

Signin out=
Tha outrageously pissed