Hmmm… yeah.

yesterday wuz d Silver Jubilee Home food-fair! I wuz sposed 2go on duty but i hadnt had any transport in tha mornin.. wut a bummer. Anywayz, i didnt miss out on d fun u noe? Mom n i went there for lunch.. n gez wut>? Ppl were throngin tha place, frm tha toilet to tha stalls!! Patronz were seen frm all creedz n communities…

<—–take a look!

HMm… pretty cool ey? Well… thatz not juz it…. wut caught ma eye (or wuz it ma tongue?) wuz tha food stuff…. a perfect blend of food in diversity… yumm yum! As i wuz scanning tha place, apart frm buying tha delicious food of course.. i had absent mindedly wore ma BRAT’s cap there! and thats not all.. i wuz evn takin sum snapshots of them there… so ppl gave me stares that didnt make me feel quite at home but nevertheless, i managed 2capture sum interestin snapshotz!





Hmm… like em’ ?

keekeke.. anyhow, i enjoyed it… at least itz fer a charitable cause ey? Lurve yall oldies!!!!

llll–Jess out!—>