So the night was Halloween and just like every year without fail, I would dress up as something from your worst nightmare; the type that you would expect to crawl out from your old, black & white butchered television.

Hey, actually that’s a great idea. I’ve never dressed up as Ju-On before. I should try one day when my hair gets long again.


Here’s a flashback on Halloween 2013, Halloween 2012, Halloween 2011!

This year round, I decided to go as a zombie Playboy Bunny.


BOO! Shocked


But let’s talk about the day first, before we descend into the night.

My colleagues and I celebrated a mini Halloween celebration in the office! Exciting




Trick or treat candies, Halloween cake and I went to work as an alien.


But by night, all hallows were released and I transformed into a.. wait for it…




 Final shot before I head out the door

Kon and I. He went as the Joker! I’ve always thought he pulls the Joker off really well!


 We headed to Changkat Bukit Bintang for some bar hopping and Halloween pub crawling!

Went to so many bars till I don’t even remember which bars we went to, by the end of the night.

 The Joker and the Zombie Playboy Bunny waiting for the rest of our mates

Grace as the sailor girl, Shahada as the naughty nurse and I

Take two!

Bob as  a gremlin monster and I


Chris as a zombie and Charmaine as..  I don’t recall what she said she was.

Take two!

Lydia as the devil and I.

Shahzul as a weird creepy ape LOL

Creepy indeed. His dripping boogers  and cross eyed face was enough to creep me out LOL

Chris as a Spartan King (nice bod, eh) and Samantha as the Catwoman

Anita as the devil and I!

Iranian buddies as a myriad of things!

Lemme see… Count Dracula, Wonderwoman and a pirate.

 Taking a break after the party mayhem and the roll of photos.

And before I could catch a breath to rest, there were other Halloween folks on the street which wanted to take photos with us!

Of course I relented! I wanted photos with them too 😀 Amazing how crazy costumes bring party people together, eh. Wink


In the middle of the busy street with a wizard and another Count Dracula

We were so busy taking photos that we almost got run over by a drunk driver LOL

And this uhhmm… I don’t know what he was.

But since he took a photo with me, I figured I should take one too. Cool make up, right?

With a werewolf and a… horse. LOL. So hilarious!

 More friendly Iranian people who asked for photos!

They’re such a fun bunch!


At one of the bars we ended up that night.

I  was so out of it that I’m really sorry I don’t recall which bar this is.

The DJs were shooting the party to the skies!


Suddenly, I was called up to the stage – which was as high as a bar-top table.

Whuuuuttttt was going on? Apparently, there was a ‘Best Dressed Halloween’ contest ongoing. Wowza!

Coolbeans. Haven’t danced on podium/bar-top since what, I was 19?

Mooove it, mooovve it!

Amongst 5 females and 5 males, I was selected as a finalist.


The other girls’ costumes rocked! I was having too much fun to a point that I couldn’t care less if I won or not. I didn’t even know what the prize was!

Since well… track record shows that Lady Luck has never been on my side as I never win in anything I participate in anyway LOL.


I won a bottle of Absolute Vodka!


Wow. Okay… winning the night came as a very pleasant surprise but – WOW! AWESOME!

This made me realize something absurd. Whenever I’m all out to win something or aim to win anything at all, I don’t. But when I don’t bother putting my heart and soul into winning or when I least expect it, I win. Oh, the irony. Yell


With the rest of the finalists!

Why I do I look like such a dreary, dead zombie here?

Maybe it’s because it was 4AM and I was fully aware I had to wake up for a conference at 8AM.

I reckon I’d trudge into the meeting room the next morning looking like a real zombie LOL.

 Best Dressed Female and Best Dressed Male!

He won a bottle of Jack Daniels. Hey, I want JD instead LOL.


That marked my Halloween 2013, another kick-as Halloween party! Wonder what I’ll become next year?

With my current addiction to The Big Bang Theory, maybe I’ll go as a severed Doppler Effect. Haha!