.:+”*”+:. da routinaL day .:+”*”+:.

erlozz… hmm… da wurLd has bcum a sin… feelz like true paradize….. but then again… tatz wud b wrong wudnt it? hMM… if u dun already know, ma cellphone got confiscated yeztaday.. *blaarrggh* Wuz juz waitin anxiously fer ma mum 2 *ting* appear magically in2 ma schz dreadful entrance. Hmm… minutez passed by n she aint in sight.. fergeddit!

Oh sshhhho i guez datz anotha day wvvout ma cell… how can i live???!!! *sigh* imma evn grounded frm da computa startin frm yeshtaday..wateva. o0o0o.. wut am i duin here then? *evil laffta* twooo baddie~ she hazz no clue! wakakakaazz hmm.. i actually collaborated wivv ma maid n shez now sworn 2secrecy! u go woman!^_^

dadadadaadaaa…. ma burgerz in fronta meee rite nw.. aint edible..but itz ma cd holder… *blink* ookie.. now i wuznt spoded 2write dat! =P n listenin 2american idiot by greenday.. *shoot* 2day ish like da first day eva dat ma life ish no funnn~ ookie well.. 2day.. *drumroll* i PAID SOLID ATTENTION in clazz!! notty babyboii din go 2sch… i juz wish i cud— Yeah well, ma clazz did dat lousy Vitamin C experiment.. itz a PEKA so i hadda do it infa-presto-perfecto! Dat marthafarque Biology teacher sucked bad. REALLY BAD. i juz wished i cud juz inject tha ‘larutan DCPIP’ syringe in2 her tongue! Hmm… tatz a tought.. mebbe it’ll help her speak bettah english =0

Tongue? whoooopzie! I think id betta hold mine… *scoffz* i aint juz trustin no one now… a chip of d old block… daddaz liddat too… =( yeah well, kant blieve itz almoz d end of tha week.. now, how time actually flies wen u aint noticing! i tot it wuz juz d otha day dat monday rose… now itz heralding a brand new Friday 2moror… ~*hiccupz*~ showwwie…. Dang! Friday? i think imma in boilin sulphuric acid soon.. i havent completed ma *toot* ing Moral Project!