itz bn suchhhha loooooong time sinz i lazz came erre….. *groanz* ya noe why???? ma loving-yet-pain-in-ma-ass mum grounded me frm da com 4 2whole weekz! (im still herre btw) wakaakakakazz… Re da confiscation of ma cellphone.. hmm.. so while evryone else is at sch, me- da ingenious one (prasan) has insisted not 2go 2sch.. n here i am!!!! hehehee….. Oh well…. hate ma mum 4groundin me, but… shez one helluvva WOMAN! She showed da PK-HEM of ma sch whos boss!!! *woohoo* u go mum! Dat PK-HEM unfortunately goes 2da same church as i do, hmm.. wuz initially plannin 2give her sum sarcasm but she din turn up… awwww. .

So yeah. tiz iz ma 2nd day in a week not goin 2sch! Sucha lazzee bum huh…. wakakakazz…. ya wanna noe sumthin? On monday, (i wuz absent) Ma sch conducted a spot-check! nyeheheeheheh…. da notti gurl ezcapes agaiN! Kant blieve i made sucha narrow slip! (again) I met dat bi@tch again upstairz in sch on Tuesday.. n i gave her da “look”. Ugggh.. juz kant stand her…. esp afta dat incident.. wut a total waste of time! hmmm… *ponders*

Too bad.. i havvta go 2sch 2moro….. mum OBVIOUSLY wun let me skipppp again…. Hey! Itz actually fun bing home ALL alone ya noe…. get 2do wuteva i want…. go where eva i please….. sleep wheneva i wish…. u noe wutz lame>? Da fact dat my mom grounded me frm com 4 2weekz?? Itz exactly da same period of time ma kakak is in indonesia! So, like… DUH no one noez if i use da comp! *chronic laffta* yikezz… but im doin anotha bad thing rite?? oh well…. =P

I wuz juz loafing around yestaday durin “nilam” period n well.. i juz wandered around near da staff room.. otha pplz class… n gez who i bumped into? Su ting n ma otha frenz! kekekeke…. we were juz walkin near d staffroom when *echo* sumthin happened….. Heres da scooP! =) Sumonez momma wuz bzy jabbering at dat very same PK-HEM bout anotha gurl who sorta messed wit her daughter….. wow… tok about not standin on ur own feet! tiz gurl haz no gutz!So yeah, da Pk-HEM looked so pissed n tired bout goin thru so much sh*t.. under ma breath, i mocked her. HAH!

Truth to tell, she aint dat bad if u look at her at d otha side of d perspective….. she once “saved” me frm an accusation of ma hair bing dyed RED! *drools* how i wish! Red! wow! So yeah.. she aint so bad…Hmm…. nothin much 2say now… since ive yadda-ed already…… cyaz bloggarz! ciao!