What on earth am I doing waking up at such an ungodly hour of the morning??? Well actually, it  may not seem ungodly to you but to me, hell yeah, it IS! Alright fine, enough with the debate.

‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ who has actually watched that movie before? Honestly, the first time I’ve ever heard of it through a good friend of mine, Steph, I was thinking,‘What a lame title’. I’ve also imagined tiny folkpeople of the elves travelling inside the pants or even a miserable pair of pants enigmatically travelling by itself in ways that only God Hiself, knows. Anyway, since Steph recommended it to me, there must be a reason behind it, no? I trust that she wouldn’t deliberately recommend me a pathetic movie to fill my pathetic empty time, would you, Steph? =) So there I am all fresh but somewhat groggy in front of the telly at 8o’ clock in the morning. 

My bad! I loved the show and I totally misjudged it. It was a sweet story about 4girls who all are best of friends that had to be seperated for a summer holiday. A pair of jeans that fit all of them (which I find extremely eyebrow-raising as it’s physically impossible due to the fact that one of them was a huge fatso) became an object of exchange among the 4of them every week because in some retarded way or another, it brings luck and hope. The movie enlightened me on all sorts of friendship, the meaning of it so true and pure that most of us had taken for granted. *teary eyes*

Soon after, being the vainpot I am, I started modelling my own favourite clothes and took some piccies of myself. Ahhahaha.. oh well, there is a bit of vanity in everyone, alright? I made my way to Hubby’s house to find that his room was an utter mess! Wires and boxes strewn all over his table, a pile of clothes here and a heap of books there. Gosh. No biggie darling, I live in a mess myself so yours is considered nawwwwthinggg. =P Spent a whole day there and oooooh!! I just remembered that MNG skirt I saw yesterday! I want it! I want it! I need it! Correction: I want it for my needs! I think I’d just go and check it out again today and try it on!

Something struck me. It’s the story of my sorrow and agony watching people in the mall or on the streets flaunting a certain apparel with no regard whatsoever to the sense of dressing and fashion! It’s either they have no idea what fashion is, or they just don’t give two hoots about dressing up properly. Imagine people walking obliviously in fabric that simply reminds you of a tablecloth from KAMDAR or your granny’s old pair of curtains. How about people wearing flamboyant tops and bottoms with large and busy prints? God bless their forgotten souls. There are even awfully designed and tops ripped on purpose that make you look all astrew as you’ve just got raped in the back alley 3minutes ago? Wake up! and get yourselves a makeover. Lalamui & lalachai’s sense of style should be bundled, duct-taped and packaged in an air-tight manner to be sent to Timbuktu where nobody can ever unwrap it. 
 oh ewww.