I thank God that I’m a Science student; I suck at Accounts! 

Struggling in vain, I spent the wee hours of the morning cracking my head upside down inside out doing my daily recording of expenditure and everything went haywire! And no, it isn’t because of my compulsive nature of spending… it’s the fact that I suck at Accounts and all I vaguely know about Accounts are the ones in my Form3 syllabus. Yes, I have no interest whatsoever.

Lynn has just invited me to join them for a manicure at Stella Inn, Gurney Plaza. Should I? I really want to but but I haven’t done my revisions since Jesus of Nazareth was born! So should I? And Hubby is staying over for the weekend so I don’t want the books to get in the way unless he’s doing his assignments too. That’s why I intend to do my revisions today… but just like always, I will end up going out shopping. =( so… yes? no?  OH NO.