Oh yes.. happy days ain’t it?

I awoke very late (refuse to state the time) to find myself still really groggy from last night’s lack of sleep. Wanting to do some revisions, I was glued to the telly instead and headed out shopping soon after. Horror of horrors the moment I made my turn into Queensbay Mall area!!! The entire vicinity was jam-packed with cars!! What tha heck??? 

oh. It’s still the holiday season. How very careless of me.

Anyway, I found myself a parking space and sashayed my way inside the mall. Bought some MNG tops and met some charcoal-burnt and very bald National Service trainees there. I bet they are counting their days to 11th of March where their 3month stint comes to an end. *muahahahaha* Funnily though, I wish I was chosen for NS but somehow wish that I’m not mentally deranged to even think of that. Visited Janice & Su Li to have short chat and somehow stole a peep at the counter to see if Mr. Pervert #1 was there- yup he was. Too bad he didn’t see me… if he did, I would once again flash my very arrogant but flirty glance at him. The truth is, I’m not interested. Just a naughty girl that’s all.. and I can’t help it.

Saw a pretty pair of heels and ohmafriggingawd theres a green lacy bow attatched to it. Fuck. Ladies, can you relate? Darn. Then, I raced to that cute skirt only to find that there was something very unsightly at the rear end. *Sigh* Always that way, ain’t it? My time was up very soon as I had to pick mum up to go to the senile Aunt Beeliew’s house. She ain’t exactly senile, so it’s wrong of me to say that. I just somehow feel that she’s a tad too cheerful till a point that makes her strangely demented. I’d put my bottom dollar down to a bet to see her cry. There are murders, incest and ongoing wars plastered across the newspaper and you can still stay so wheewhee I’m so happy?? Oh for the sake of  your wrinkles stop being so happy.
It bugs me. The elasctin on your face would tear apart!

I hate my dad. He sould be banished from the phase of earth and seeded deep down into the world of nothingness. For thoseof you who think I’m demented or anything similar to that, you don’t know my dad. He’s the root of all evil. The family’s nightmare. The hopeless bastard. Just thank God on your knees that you don’t have a dad like mine. I’m awaiting his demise. Honestly, I don’t know where that came from. He just walked past and just his mere presence, invokes the hatred in me- it’s flarring scarlet. Please stay away and don’t burden us when I become a grown-up. That’s for the way you’ve mistreated us; karma, no?