Newsflash: I saw poor cows stumbling and trying in vain to balance themselves

atop a lorry, which was driven rather recklessly.


Hmm.. that wasn’t very relevant now, was it? Haha. Well, somehow it is… they’re probably gonna be slaughtered for someone’s family dinner.



Do we stay in or go out today? Haha.. Steph and I decided to stay in to watch a few DVDs – ‘Bratz’ and ‘Knocked Up’. The former made me reflect on true friendship ties and well, the latter seriously, it’s SO NOT happening in real life. I mean, hello? Earth to ladies? Which jerk whom you had a one night stand with from a club, would actually help you bring up the bastard child and eventually marry you?? Totally not in this world. Just look at society lately, one-night stands are just as equivalent to a fuck-and-run scene.

  Oh and randomly, Steph’s aunt makes delicious cookies. My goodness. How I delightfully consumed those lil gastronomic sins are something you so don’t wanna know. =P So yeah, there we were staying in until we got tired of being tired. =) So out we went for some supper with Shino and Joyce.


We chatted and had some inaugural arm-wrestling matches. Oh, and… I don’t seem to know my own strength! O_o

Steph vs. Shino (stop pretending Shino!!)

Oh. And guess what? xP

I beat Shino. I beat Shino. I beat Shino. I beat Shino after a long and painful match. Muahahahahaaa. Or were you just giving me a handicap? I hope not.

We then continued chatting and emulating certain people till they had to shoo us out as it was already past the closing time at Subway.


The night was still young and we crashed into Shino’s crib to play some cards, and continued our pillow-talk. Well well… it seems that two of my very best friends had some misconceptions about each other. That was the day when they settled it and came clean… I hope. *gulps* But hey, it’s only human to have some lingering resentment lying within, ey? Just give it some time; it’s bound to heal. =)