Benj had his day off again and we’re spending quality time together for 2 whole days again. Sweet ey? Then again, that’s not the sweetest thing this week.What surprised me most is that he requested for his off day to be on Monday as it has been a long time since he last saw me. It touched me so much when I discovered that you were making a resolution to be a better boyfriend to me in line with our upcoming anniversary. Love you lots dearie.

We stayed in on one day and went out on the other. Wow, talk about Resident Evil: Extinction. Benj didn’t expect it to be that good, but I knew it was so gonna be. Reason being, this was supposed to be the last saga and by the looks of it, I was quite certain it was to be mind-blowing. My favourite scene was the one with the gazillions of killer crows in it – all engulfing the sky with the massive flocks.

We decided to go for some dress-hunting for my prom later. I shop best with him; he’s an awesome shopping partner! But hey, we didn’t get around to it as WenHoong (an old friend) gave me a buzz in the middle of our movie, to go out for some dinner with the both of us. Yepyep, it’s BBQ Steamboat – just the four of us!

It’s all gooooooooood

Francis really made his buffet worth every cent!

It’s worth the cash, it’s really delicious! But umm.. you took too much stingray for me darling. =P

We headed up to Batu Fehringgi to purchase some DVD’s – I bought ‘Knocked Up’! Since it was nearby, we crashed into Benj’s house and surprisingly his house mates could still recognize me in their state of absolute grogginess. I was horrified when Clemence randomly said that he has all the while thought that I was incapable of conversing in the Hokkien dialect. HEY. That was ssssso last year man!

It’s goodnight for everyone!

Note to self: go clubbing more often with WenHoong & get him a chick.