Today went better than expected. Dancing bears and painted wings… ah, lovely.


I had the time of my life chuckling away at the lights of Dennis the Menace on HBO this morning. As an ardent fan of the comic series, I could recognize every character and that made my life so much easier for the comprehension of innocent humour. Dennis is up to mischief 24/7 and pretty much enjoys exasperating the hell outta Mr. Wilson, his neighbour.


Mum kept yelling my name to eat lunch and as I was too engrossed with the movie, both my ears just refused to pick up any sound wave that has anything to do with me switching the telly off and going for lunch. Her high-pitched screams, mind you, was 3 notches higher than her usual, and made me somewhat irritated.


There’s always a silver lining around every cloud—


Before I could say ‘Mississippi has the most fucked-up spelling the whole wide universe’, dear ol’ Uncle Mike spilled that we were going shopping at 2pm. My frown widened into a huge Cheshire cat grin and I dashed into my room to begin dolling-up. Oh yes, I know I’m beautiful… NOT. And off we go in my lil white ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ buggy. For those of you who didn’t quite catch that, my car interior (and exterior) is filled with Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’.


The oldies reprimanded me yet again for my insane speed of driving… and all I hear are 3wrinkled chimps jabbering gibberish, uncontrollably. What gives?


As out of my mind as I can get, I snapped a picture of a soft toy Cookie Monster from the ‘Sesame Street’ series and mms-ed it to Hubby with the caption,’ Silly like Hubbydu’ Frankly, I didn’t know why I did it… probably because it looks like him. *bluek*


Oops, my granduncle just arrived… and this house is full of people blabbering about in Chinese. My solid existence right in the middle of their conversation is causing a sound interference so I think I’d better relocate. Ya know what’s freaky? My gravitationally disadvantaged grandaunt is sub-consciously twitching her nose and blinking spasmodically, on my diagonal right. Gross. I wonder if I would be inclined to that, 40 years down the road. Please no, o’ Lord from up above, grant my skin the power to defy gravity as I grow older with age. Amen.


Gotta ciao. I think they are beckoning for me to adjourn. Have a good CNY dinner!