All credits go to Nadiah Allaudin for making my day the most insane one ever, in such a long time.

After spending what seemed like eons at the gym, we didint lose much weight, instead, we gained some extras. I mean like, hey!! We’ve been gym brats for a month plus now and why aren’t the results showing? In my case, I absolutely know the answer. I just have this foolish little mindset that  goes “oh, since I’ve been religiously hitting the gym every day, I can afford to eat more and then burn them off later.” Which then, I’ll happily consume extremely fattening and awfully high-caloried foodstuff. *Sigh* I don’t know about you Nads, but that’s my case.

And today, we were so pissed, negative, demotivated and down in the dumps when we discovered that we didnt lose weight. Then came along Azman, the personal trainer, asking us what’s up. We started to moan and groan, whinge and whine, complain and lament about this ‘tragedy’. He explained to us that we obviously have not been losing weight because we had been burning fat and gaining muscle all this while. It is known that the mass of muscle is higher than the mass of  fat so that explains why we gained body mass. And when we checked our body fat percentage, yayy hallelujah it dropped!! So, in other words, we didin’t lose weight; we were losing body fat! Which is so much better and thankfully it all makes sense now! *phew* When I first began, my body fat percentage was 24-point-something% and now, it dropped to an 18.3%. But Nad’s body fat percentage took an even more tremendous drop! No fair!

Anyway, let’s begin with the insane part now shall we? *grin*

Whilst walking towards McD to buy some dinner, she spotted a slightly obese young chap with an unusual hairstyle. And being Nads all over, she exclaimed in disbelief,

Nadiah :  Eww, Jess.. his hairstyle is ssssssso UGLY! 
Jessica: Hey, I know him! (screams out) Hi *JackMuthusamyLimAbuBakar!         What’s up??
Nadiah : ohhh……………. fuck…………. next time I will first MAKE SURE that the person I bitch about is NOT your friend!!
Jessica: (makes fun of Nadiah and laughs about it all the way home)

* names have been changed to protect privacy and Nadiah’s dignity. LOL.

Oh, and did you notice the horridly sculptured and painted Ronald McDonald statue placed in McD Gurney Plaza?

It looks like some evil and gothic clown that you see in nightmare carnivals… or an Albino assasin that’s out to murder the little children who did not choose to buy Happy Meals.


We spent a long time in Gurney Plaza gymming and shopping yesterdayso we had to pay slightly more than usual but what pissed us off most was that we had to pay the other extra 1 buck just because we were 3 minutes later! Which was 5 hours and 3 minutes, but we had to pay 6 hours worth of parking fee. Dang. We leant our lesson. So today, we had only 6 minutes left to run upstairs to the Level 6 car park, dash to the car, speed to the autopay machine, and finally, pay our 4 hours worth of parking fee before it rounds our hours up to 5 hours. We looked like two psychopath escapees or may even come across as fugitives or illegal immigrants running as fast as we could just to save our 1 buck. Hold it right there- before you think that we are a bunch of miserable skinflints of a miser, we only did that because NEITHER of us had spare change of  an extra 1 buck note, only a 10 buck note.  And autopay machines being autopay machines, we vehemently did not want 9 bucks change worth of COINS! 

So anyway, back to our embarrassing (and amazing) race. We were laughing and running all the way and made a few eyebrows raise. Oh, like we care. We only care about saving that 1 buck! And in our midst of huffing and puffing, I took a wrong turn and ended up on the escalator leading us to Level 7! Nads followed in confusion but managed to ask me where on earth I was going. Oops. No wasting anymore time! We ran all the way down in the opposite direction of the ‘ going up’ escalator!  My my, that was tough. Imagine the hardship of swimming against the swift currents of the water or even falling up. Yes, i mean falling up, not falling down. In the end, gravity obviously prevailed and we managed to reach the floor of Level 6.  Finally! After much sweat and toil, we did win the battle against the tickking clock- we saved our 1 buck!!!!!!!!!