Jessica Tan Su Lin
Attn : Star Publications


Whadda Hell>>?? i shrieked n tore open d envelope almost immediately…. Filled wiv pure excitement i saw d red Star Newspaper logo.. n then….

Dear Brat-to-be,
Jessica Tan, you heard right! CONGRATULATIONS! You have been chosen to enter the Star Brats Workshop in Ipoh ( 24-27th July)

Dat wuz d exact wordz printed on dat oh-so-beautiful piece if paper…Gasping.. i started 2grin lyka psychopath escapee thruout d day! I called ma mum n boy, wuz she proud! She called ma godmum n she offered to sponsor me! Imma so havta thank her non-stop! Kant blieve she actually shares ma moment of opportunity… =) Ma babyboii wuz proudda me too, but sumwhat mixed.. yeah… i wud b away frm him 4 4whole dayz… will missha boo… =<

So yeah… dat wuz one of ma proudest momentz.. I mean, like… datz a step 2ma future already! They expose u journalism n broadcastin skills n da like.. Social stuff n *whow* juz so me! Imma juz havta wait n count d dayz!! *woohoo*

Hmm… yeah.. havent bn online daily like i used to d pazz few dayz cuz *duh* ma suspension is still liable…. grounded 4 2weekz… =( So wateva… momz at work now n nobody noez…. kekekeke… O yeah… 2dayz ma schz Parent-Teacher meeting to collect d report card thingy… Im fine wiv her signin ma report card but im SO not fine wiv dat woman talkin 2ma mom! I aint lettin mom noe da notty stuff i did in sch… So, obviously i didnt tell her there wuz a Parent-Teacher meeting 2day! wakaakaakzzz