[[neva can accept tiz]]

wut? ya’d b probly thinkin wut m i makin a big deal of… actually… im not evn sposed 2go on9 (for tha hundredth time) but, i kant keep it no more… there sumthin rlly buggin me frm d back of ma mind…. Yeah, we, in tiz world noe dat there r gazillionz of cheaterz, imposters, dishonesty, crime n da like…. aye? But, u wudnt think dat ur eva gonna lead a life liddat… in ma case…. dat differz..

B4 yall jump any closer 2conclusions.. lemme state dat i WILL NOT eva, bring maself 2do tiz nonsensical nation law-breakin. Juz 15minz ago, ma mom drove past a red light (shez aint payin attn) and we were stopped by a police car… later, doze dudez in crisp smart dark blue uniformz came out out of their police carz.. (yeah.. juz like in da moviez) n started witting a summon 4ma mom… soundz pretty normal rite?

Then… he started mutterin sumthin.… i din quite hear.. mum wuz tokin 2em… then later.. he hinted.. n wuz like, macam mana? in dat KIND of tone… like, duh it wuz so obvious…. then mum wuz unsure … well.. lookin at ma mortified face.. she became more unsure.. then she asked em.. “boleh ka?” He wuz like… “ok, u cakap sama dia.. dia nak tulis dah” then.. she asked if she cud be spared as it wuz most definately her 1st time… he wuz like… “bolehhhhhhh..” again.. dat TONE stuck us… them mum took out 50bux n wuz juz about 2giv it 2em thru da window, he stopped her… asked her 2slot da 50note in2 a piece of paper b4 givin it 2dem. Logically, 2avoid detection….

Dat wuz strictly horifiying, degrading, unethical, uncivilized and cannot be condoned by ur conscience n d eyez of d LAW!!!  Excuse me???? Wut da fuck wuz in ur mind people!!! How can u, bearing da name of POLIS DIRAJA MALAYSIA bring urself 2such shameful corruption>???????? Yall are sposed 2fight crime n injustice but contradictingly conductin it urself?!?!?!!? I probbed mum about it n she sed it normal.  I mean, i aint naive or anything but….. how can u let tiz happen? Itz juz so WRONG!

Wateva. Let da world decide. Wasnt it juz yesterday i learnt during pendidikan moral about “Sogokan- puncapunca dan cara mengatasi” ?? Hocus Pocus n return 2Moral classes Royal Police Force of Malaysia!