Finally. An hour to sit down and do what I do best.

The hours were long and tiresome… the routes were winding, bumpy and somewhat nauseating… the front two people in the drivers’ and navigators’ seat were having the conversation of their lives… the two other people at the back on the other hand were in pin-drop silence; paying unfailing attention to every word and sentence uttered by the two people in the front. Fine.. I’ll put it in laymans’ term. MOm and his mom were busy gossiping in front while his sister and I were eavesdropping. Simple. Amazing what language can do to cause cerebrum challenge.

Anyway, the journey was worth it because I got to be with my babyboii during the NS leave. Wait! Now who is this imposter trying to be my dude? *blinks* oh.. it IS my boii. Couldn’t recognize you with the military-style uniform and ermm.. crew-cut hair. (Hey, I’m being nice here! Want me to be mean>? You got it!) Oh baby baby… you will always be the MONK of my monastry… and when the stars shrink and the moon turns to cheese, the MONK will not budge from his unwavering stand. Whoops! Did I just make someone mad? Sorry sayang! It’s just the fun of cracking jokes.. not at your expense of course, but since I did, it’ll be just a one-off thing ey? Sayang back k?  =*

Went to Gurney Plaza for a movie the next day, and I particularly met many of my friends in the ladies’ loo; in front of the mirror. I wondered what was the big event… some drop-dead gorgeous hunk on the loose to steal their hearts? Or maybe it’s just natural for girls to want look good- the female instinct. Soon, I was star-struck. The Celebrity Fitness club! The new stores!The people of all SHAPES and sizes! Dang. I can’t help being neandethal in Gurney Plaza alright??!!? Look, it has been a long time since I last satisfied my highly-addictive drive for shopping. Hey, I feel like a martian in there. There they were, deftly walking upside-down-inside-out of Gurney Plaza while I? Had to foolishly look around like I was crossing some busy city street. Now that’s sad. GET THE HINT MOM!

Did I mention that Henry VIII resembles one of the Pork Chop characters? Or so I thought… looking through dads’ weird-book-of-dead-people just the other day made me realise how cool it is to stay young. Well, at least I won’t be petrified in black and white on crumpled, silver worm infested, dirt-yellow pages. Or have bratty little kids put make-believe moustaches in pen on my upper lip. Isn’t that called vandalising? From what I can recall, it mentioned that he’s against England for stealing his wife. Hey, that doesn’t seem right. Maybe he’s against his wife for stealing England. Or the other way around. Whatever. I always get my facts mixed-up. It’s a miracle why I’m still alive in high-school.