My social calendar tells me that apart from Ne-Yo’s Year of the Gentlemen gig in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, I’ll be heading to the Carlsberg Private Party this Friday. Lucky for the guys, there will be calendar girls who will be gracing the event too.

And like I promised in my previous post [here], I will put up the pictures of those FHM Girl Next Door Finalists if I’m in a good mood. But guess what?

My blackberry fell into the washing machine and got washed for a few rounds before I came running in horror to rescue it.

So I’m not exactly in a good mood.

But since you’re such awesome posies, I’ll put it up for you anyway *biggrin*

Muahaha. Yup, still 5 again. Not 10, but only 5 *evil grin* But if you insist that you must see all of them (or grab their numbers!), head on down to Facebook to score your invites to the Carlsberg Private Party located at the Carlsberg Lounge.

Really, it is that simple. A little luck is needed too!

Just a glimpse of us the party people…
make that at least 5 times the number!

All you gotta do is to quickly be a fan of Carlsberg Nice One’s facebook page [here] and hopefully, I’ll see you there!

Free flow of Carlsberg, party peeps and fun all under one roof. Just can’t wait : ) Will be heading to the launch of Craft Brews before the party too. Gosh. That will be a whole lot of drinks in a day. *gulp!