I’m home and all snuggled up with my comforter at last!

Been lugging around the heavy DSLR gears all night and stretching my arms like a madman even after zooming in to the maximum. Not to mention, sweating like a pig. I’ve never looked so fugly during and after a concert before -_-“

Me before I turned into a fuglywitch

My zone was slightly further than usual as compared to the other concerts I covered such as Black Eyed Peas, All American Rejects, Akon and the rest. So, stress betul okay… worried that I don’t get desirable shots. Argh. Tired and thirsty, I wasn’t treated to VIP this time round (no free flow of liquor or sofa seats!)

But I had fun coming closer to Ne-Yo the sexy love πŸ™‚


Anyway what can I say? Ne-Yo is totally a ladies’ man. Sucha sweetheart! He looked so suave in his trademark fedora and smooth moves upstage.

But more about what actually happened during the gig in the next post!


I’ve got so much to tell you and so excited to! But it’s 3.30AM now and I’m kinda half asleep with 100+ event pics to pick and choose to blog about. Sigh. But do look forward to it tomorrow kay? πŸ™‚

Much love.