Being a girl, I’m sorry to say that just like hoards of other ladies out there, I have an insanity streak and absolute love for high heels.

Call me crazy, call me extreme but each time I walk past my fave high heel stores such as Charles & Keith, Aldo, Nose and the occasional Nine West (if I have the moolah) an inexplicable magnetic force field will compel me to buy something 🙁

The Glads which I bought from blogshops

Hopping around blogshops will also entice me to browse through their selection of high heels. Mom would yell at her notorious shopaholic of a daughter whenever she caught sight of a shoebox bulging from my bag as I sneak to hide it in my room. Gahh. That sharp eyed woman never fails to outwit me.

The Aldo wedges that the mistur bought for me 🙂

I never knew the danger of strutting around in high heels without a care in the world for my feet until I was invited to a Biomechanics launch by the world’s No.1 foot-care specialist brand, Scholl. And that’s when reality dawned upon me!


Change the way you feel by changing the way you walk. We spend every day walking and standing on flat surfaces made of concrete tiles, which causes enormous stress on our feet. These hard surfaces causes our feet to roll over inwards which makes our arches flatten.


resulting in
So that’s how it came about!

It was estimated that over 70% of people have a tendency for their feet to pronate/roll inwards when we walk. I never believed it but a few random people from the crowd were chosen and all of them were flat footed. Gosh. Proven!


Flat feet can be really nasty in the long run. It leads to heel and knee pain.


Totally loved the way they presented it. So ingenious! All the lights were turned off and it was complete darkness. A male figure covered in a black nylon costume was limping and walking with his feet and joints in red signalling discomfort.

OUCH! We are walking like this all the while without knowing
what adverse effects it gives to our feet

And when given the Scholl Biomechanics Orthotics Insoles to step on, his joins and feet automatically turns green. A sign of comfort and relaxation!

Pretty interesting, the way it was done
Visual effects boom! 🙂

Random people from the crowd was asked to follow suit. They walked on soft sand which was prepared in a box as compared to the hard concrete ground

Pen deep

We now have a remedy to the hidden pain caused by walking the wrong way on the surfaces we walk on! The Scholl Biomechanics Orthotics Insoles are a brand new range of products to positively affect foot posture and alignment.


Contouring nicely to the foots natural arch. There was a stretch of people testing out their footprints to check if they’re flat footed or not. I took an interest as it pigued my curiosity.


So I sat down on one of the chairs and prepared for the answer


They painted the sole template and made me stand on it to apply pressure


I have a little bit of a flat feet issue too
Shucks. I feel like a duck already

But yay for award-winning podiatrist and inventor Dr. Philip Vasyli who discovered all this before it takes its toll on the elderly! Specializing in the field of biomechanics, he was the one who created this latest Scholl inserts!

We all agreed as he said that our feet are not designed to walk on hard surfaces all the time from our regular shoes and as for ladies, the immense amount of pressure on the balls of our feet from the high heels are really damaging.

Straight line after standing on those Scholls!

Scholl Biomechanics Orthotics Insoles are made in 3 types and now available at selected pharmacies and retails. Here’s the 3 different types:

  • Full Length Heel and Knee Pain Reliever
  • 3 Quarter Length Heel and Knee Pain Reliever
  • Gel Heel Pain Reliever

Okayyyy. Now I’d think twice about wearing my killer high heels or worn-out sneakers and converse! Damn!