I feel pissed. No, scratch that. I AM pissed. Correction. I’m VERY pissed.
You know my ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ themed car? The one I’m so proud of?




Yeah well, apparently, my grandaunt (yes, the one which Ive sarcastically been blogging about) pointed out that my car was haunted. And you could probably guess what happened next- all the oldies raised their bloody concern about my ‘haunted’ car. Yadda yadda.. I was bamboozled with ghost stories about apparitions appearing in cars when you least expect it… accidents could occur… restless spirits… yeah well, the only restless spirit wandering about and warning innocent girls like myself (ha-ha) about ridiculous stories of such, is you yourself, yee-por. (Cantonese for ‘2nd grand aunt)
So stop creating ludicrous stories.
I state my stand and I will not, shall not, and never will destroy my entire collection of Jack Skellington which cost me up to 400bucks in total.
I won’t end just like that, people. You’re in for a jaw-dropping story that I can’t help but tell. *wide grin* This was what nonsense they brought up:
“Under the moonlight and the sunlight for many many days, the figure of your Jack Skellington will gradually begin to transform into a lost spirit. Since there are so many of them, they will be trapped in your car and will most probably try to get out at night. So if you are driving home late, you might get involved in a gory car accident. You have such a bright future, Jess… don’t waste it. Listen to por-por, ok? We love you and we don’t want you to regret later. I know you youngsters don’t believe in such things but we older generation has seen many things that you haven’t. So please, do it for our sake ok? Remove everything of it from your car, we can’t compromise your safety. And since it’s in a car, forgotten souls might want to possess your car since it looks like one of them.”
 Oh bullshit. And suddenly my dog Rocky, was alleged of barking and howling at my car for 3consecutive nights. Like hello? It could’ve saw a cat,right? Why jump to conclusions and add even more irrelevant speculations about my car?
Obviously, I shook my head and mumbled incoherently- something that only I and I alone will comprehend. But if your ears were virtually able to pick up such discreet soundwaves, I could swear that your eyes would widen in shock, hearing what I had to say. Scowling at the lights of the old and faulty record players rewinding about the same old thing, my dear godmother offered me a deal I couldn’t possibly resist- cold hard cash.
 But hey, I had to feign the tranquility of a meditating Gautama Buddha. 

                                       Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohmmmmmmmmmmmm

An expression which goes like,” Oh? Cash you say? Even that wouldn’t make me change my mind.”
So I played calm for a week and after realizing I needed the extra dough to enjoy the private holiday trip with my boyfriend this coming semester break, I had to strike that deal. Finally, my mind’s made up; now give me that rewarding incentive!!!!
Oh and after much reflecting on myself, I realized that karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the sweet-and-sour-arse. I shouldn’t have bitched about my grandaunt anyway. Ha-ha. If there’s any connection somehow, I apologize.