My 8th sense tells me that there’s an enormous gathering of occult groups that practise blind faith in Satanic worship just some 200metres away in front of me. Satan’s high magnetic field has gotten all the cars in Penang to mysteriously drive simultaneously towards his magnetised direction.


Nah… somehow, there’s just this insanely massive traffic jam ahead. The most puzzling thing was that it was 3pm in the humid afternoon. Why would Penangites be gridlocking the traffic in the mid-day of a black Monday? Don’t they have works, or businesses or some gravely important matter to attend to?


Now, I would entirely understand if it were to be 6pm or so. Simply because all these lazy-bones standing by the punch-card machine are in a mad rush to go home once it clocks 5pm… OR school-going kiddies (yes, I may deem them kiddies as of now) rushing to catch the bus home to watch The Powerpuff Girls. =P


Back to this immensely constrained traffic-

So, indeed it was 3pm. The whole 3-lane road adjacent to Union High School was choking with cars, motorbikes and vehicles alike. Reality states that a road accident or a police road-block might be the most likely cause. But then again, I am eons away from reality. There could either be that


Or an active campaign protesting against the severe condition of traffic jams; which defeats the purpose because they would be the ones at fault for causing this particular traffic jam. That wouldn’t make much sense now, would it?


*thinks* I guess I’d better stick to the Satan conception.