Today was awesome. fantabulous!

i COULD NEVER IMAGINE that I was able to live through such an excruciating pain. Strangely, I am a naturally afraid of injections, dentists and whatnot. But what came to change my mind at that moment of time was beyond answer. I just wholeheartedly got myself a tattoo!! *SHRIEKS* I know, like, wow! Never thought I would dare to – so soon.

It’s a design of a feminine tribal motive arched slightly above my arse. My one hour passed like there’s no tomorrow, serious shit! *grins* Every prick and poke of the micro-fine needles was like teeth clenching, neck strangling and heart wrangling. Haha. But it ain’t unbearable. Why? All because I lived through it without crying or creating a faux pas for myself. I’m so proud of me; proud because i didn’t stop halfway through the process. Hey, I thought I would!

In all my eighteen years of life, I’ve never been more contented. It’s like I’ve achieved something I’ve always wanted.

That’s me immediately after I was tattooed

Oh and, it’ the very first time I drove my car sitting so upright; creating a 90degree angle between by spinal cord and the seat of my car. yes, It did hurt.. throbbing kinda feelin. Yikes!

Hmm.. now, when and what should I tell mum and dad? =P
Hmm.. that’s for me to know and them to find out!

Now, I shall be domesticated.
At boyfriend’s house now baking cookies and brownies with him. Hehe