College dragged on and there were some people looking so dead in class

 Napping, chatting, dreaming and whatnot

Daniel and I snapped some piccies as we too, grew bored

However, there were certain people who had their eyes affixed to the front of the class-
Like, wow.


We gurlfriends headed over to De’s house after lunch and spent our entire day chilling out our way – It’s a gurl thing. =) We were looking through her clothes that she intends to give away (hey gurls, I’ll bring some of mine over soon!) happy Steph had her buffet of clothing there!

in smiles after gaining a new wardrobe!

We then pigged out (hey De, let’s really start tomorrow!) – chit chatting and indulging ourselves in apple juice, chocolate milk, fruits, strawberry white-chocolates and Baskin Robbins ice-cream whilst watching Sex and the City on dvd.
Say,”aaahhhhh!” Yummy, no? =)

Uhmm.. shall I prosecute Peanut Butter for outraging the modesty of our gurlfriend Steph? Here’s the evidence, caught red-handed! *grins*

The way things progressed, we started chatting randomly until we somehow landed on the birds and the bees, our often-clueless boyfriends and yes, our mad-hatter parents!
Which then again, gives rise to the famous men in our lives – Benj, Jeremy, Daniel and Alvin.
Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!

We then lay on the bed and continued nattering and eating until we lost track of the time- it was already past 8 o’ clock! Ciao!

Luv ya’ll babes!