Bolder, bigger and better! A brand new look and brand new domain name but the very same Jessica Tan behind those photographs and stories.


It will no longer be known as benjicajess
Figured out it’s time to drop the word from my domain name for personal reasons

But it’s still 100% me no worries! Also, the new domain will contain all my archives dating all the way back to 2005 when 1st decided to start blogging, and all properly categorized too for easier reference.

My dearest webmaster, designer and I are currently still working on it. Just a lil bit more to go (I hope) and we’re done! They are teh awesome, putting up with my requests and diva-ness at times. LOL Much love to ’em


Okay time to write my Ne-Yo post before you possies skin me alive 🙂 hee!