One of the most memorable (yet highly nonsensical!) things I'll never forget about 2012 is the incessant, unnecessary buzz about how the world will come to an end on the 21st of December 2012.  

Who are you fooling, really?


Believe it, if you must. The end-of-the-world apocalypse was torturous… but I made it out alive.

How about you?


It is beyond me how moronic the world can be, for taking the prediction of the Mayans so seriously, spreading this prophecy like wildfire, sharing sappy posts on every social media channel possible about their impending last day on earth 



Doomsday you say? I shrugged it off the moment I first heard a breath of it. 

Anyway, the point of this post today isn't about the ridiculous end-of-the-world shebang, but rather… to share how I celebrated Halloween 2012.  


Decorations came in abundance by the week of Halloween!


This enormous pumpkin was taken at one of the concourses of 1 Utama, while I was waiting for Konzy to buy his Halloween outfit :D:D 

Lot's of choices at costume/party shops It was pretty last minute, but turned out great!  


My gym, Celebrity Fitness had their fair share of fun doing up Halloween decor at the towel shelves too


The moment we got home in the evening, I got straight down to business.

Dressing up and giving myself a bloody, ghoulish makeover  The result?  



Since this is an incredibly rare occasion I managed to finish getting ready before he does, I had some extra time to selca until he was done.  ;)



Wore a wig & stabbed myself in the head with a kitchen knife too

LOL How do you like it? 


I'm that girl from your nightmares.


You might have seen this on my Facebook & Instagram


After almost an hour, he's finally finished preparing for the night! :D

Took longer than I expected, since he had to cut open his robe, slash it and stitch it back.


Hello! Meet Ghostface and the Fallen Angel. How do you do?


When the rest of our partycrew for the night were ready, we took a one way trip down to Zouk Club KL!

Let's tear up the bloody night! 


With bestiePam during the ride 


Three of us at the back!


We arrived Skull Island @ Zouk Club KL by midnight


Great how they went all out with the decorations!



Almost all the ground staff of Zouk were dressed as pirates. :D

There were fire-twirlers, fire-eaters, fire-breathers & snake enchanters dressed in pirate gear too!  


One of the pyromaniacs in action


Mingled outside at the patio with many fellow partygoers who were all dressed up as various characters.

Photos soon ensued. Being strangers doesn't quite stop us from taking photos with one another!


Extremely tall pirate men in stilts and I!


Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro (I think?), werewolf in chains with Konzy and I


The said fire-breather and I!


And of course, my one and only date for the Halloween night. Mr Ghostface LOLOL


So are we ready to ravage Halloween like never before?


Kon and I wanted to bar-hop around all 5 of the party-chambers of Zouk.

First stop: Phuture!


Us girlies! 


The boys! 


It was extremely crowded, which proved impossible for us to dance nor even squeeze through the sardine-packed crowd. For those not in the know, Phuture plays mainstream, contemporary pop, RnB and the American Top 40 chart toppers. 


Not exactly up my alley anymore, but hey, I used to be a fan of those genres in my late teens LOL


Next stop : Mainroom!


Our resident DJs were dressed up too! I think they were: a nun, jesus and a friar


The music was a lot more to my cup of tea. Mainroom plays a mix of electronic dance music, such as trance, house, electro, dubstep, big room, progressive and more.

I had heaps of fun there headbanging and jumping non-stop! To those that accidentally got their clothes caught on the feathers of my wings, I'm sorry! :D


Our partycrew for the night! 


That's also when my date and someone else's date of the

same kind found each other and "cheated" on us HAHA


Third stop: Velvet Underground!

This room plays mambo jambo, contemporary and good remixes of blasts from the past


Thanks for the photo, Jaz!


Didn't take much photos, as we were too busy partying on an equally packed dancefloor! 


Next stop: Barsonic!

One of my two most favourite rooms of Zouk, Barsonic plays more underground, harder bass, techno, hardstyle, drum and bass, jumpstyle and more. 


Mr. Nasty and GanjaGuru (dressed as Jigsaw from SAW)!


The room saw Halloween revellers dressed to impress! Or should I say, to scare, in this context?

We made plenty of new friends and captured some more memories! 


Anyone wants their hedges trimmed? We have Edward Scizzorhands in the house :P


We partied hard with some Japanese kimono girls and a chef with a severed hand!


Didn't make it to the final room, Aristo 

It was already 4AM and we were beginning to feel a tad too woozy for our own good.


Another great night to add to the crazy Halloween parties I celebrate every year!


Till next year, all you ghouls, vampires, draculas, demons, zombies, souls, devils & monsters!

May the undead arise from the underworld to party once again!