Yay for the Yuletide season! The joy of Christmas definitely brought some smiles to a myriad of orphans. Wherever there’s charity, count me in. Prince Hotel & Residencies organized a very warm Christmas Lunch for these kids from a Christian Home. Complete with face-painting entertainment, balloons and of course, the jiggly ol’ clown.

What made this Christmas meal different from all the other Christmas meals I had was that this one involved hands on Gingerbread Man creations!


My part was only the decor and the icing! But STILL 🙂 Exciting nonetheless. See see how typical of me. I made it look like Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas

QUITE similar 🙂
But MY Gingerbread Jack has red buttons instead of a bowtie!

Since it is such a eventful and mythical day today, I shall henceforth speak of a tale how the birth of my Jack Gingerbread unfolds. So sit back, relax and let your inner child rise

There once was an empty (literally!) Gingerbread lying all alone on the plate. He was forlorn, and left with no one to befriend

So I hid at my corner checking out his solid fat belly and love handles
with his arms and legs spread wide open.


I then spotted King Louis from Prince Hotel decorating some of the Gingerbread atop the table with cream, icing, chocolate rice and jellybeans alike


What IF :
I, create a Gingerbread Man to be my very own Prince Charming this Christmas? (I know right, how sad. The things you can cook up when the boyfriend isn’t with you hahaha wtf) Perhaps I can give rise to a suave young gentlebread who will sweep me off my feet tonight?

So I began to seek advice from a young professor all the way from the United Kingdom. Sorry there were many many many little professors running around but I chose him first because he had blue eyes. So pretty!

Then I asked the young professors of wisdom who bore magical umbrellas with a clown bodyguarding them with utmost loyalty

The young Incredible Hulks also gave me fantastic and imaginative ideas as to how I should picture my date should be. Should he be smart? Should he be casual? Should he have a giant wart resting atop his nose?

And finally, I took the words of wisdom from the Lords of Food&Beverage
Chef Donald Pezar and F&B Manager Andrew

After much research and enlightenment by these hollistic people, I began to gather my thoughts and sit down with the other denitzens of the round table for the last supper. Namely Lord Jellybean, Sir Chocolate Rice, Miss Cream, Reverend Peppermint Paste, Father M&Ms, Icing the Pink and Icing the White.

Hmmm…. nono darling.
This won’t do.

My eyes darted across the room as I spotted a very interesting act of passion and art.

Hmmm.. Face all white
Eyes round and bright

I danced around the dining area with glee and delight! The time has come for my creation to surface 🙂 Jack oh, Jack Skellington… where art thou?

“I am here oh Jess the Legend!
Never out of thy sight!”

Okay enough of fictional stories 🙂

She went home a very happy girl that afternoon
With trails of ginger scent lingering through the night


And they lived happily ever after. The End.
(sorry, diedie had to put the that in because fairytales always end with that)