Festive seasons should ideally be celebrated with family members – no, I’m not some old hag preaching to you as we speak – and I’m glad to know that some of my friends celebrated their Christmas (or Christmas Eve at least) with their family! You know who ya’ll are 🙂


Likewise for me, I had to cancel 4 events for the sake of returning home to my family for this Yuletide season to celebrate our tradition of a Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas carols and exchanging of Christmas presents. And just like every year, it was priceless. Blood is thicker than water and it will always be.

So the entire week of Christmas was practically spent with all the folks of which I call family.


All the way from Penang, I met up with godsister Rachel, Big Aunt and her gramma in Mid Valley Megamall for some quality catching up over ice-cream.

Spent time with my folks at Gold Coast area, in Penang. Here we are fooling around at Aunt Beeliew’s balcony. We played so hard it’s a wonder neither of us fell off headfirst into the pool.


Also, I spent some time with my fluffy new reindeer antlers walking all around KLCC and had fun with some big colorful candy and kids in KLCC Concourse.


I tweeted about it here and lotsa people asked me why I did it for. No, I wasn’t working as a promoter in KLCC! It was merely for the fun of it and all in the name of the Christmas spirit!


But it totally didn’t help when I was wearing the fluffy reindeer antlers while attending the Soft Launch of The Opera (the latest club in Sunway City) because everyone thought I was the liquor promoter/bargirl/cigarette girl -_______-


With Uncle Mike in Harrods

Also, whilst in the LRT skytrain back home I forgot to take off my reindeer antlers and soon enough I was drawing stares from other passengers who thought I was some weird psychopath. Hey it’s the Christmas season.

Which do you prefer, Halloween pumpkins?

Or noodles?

But I still love my fluffy red reindeer antlers. Period.

Meet the Fockers – sans Grandpa T_T

Oh lookie there
Godmum matches well with the kids

Christmas Eve was spent in Starbucks during the day, furiously stamping the card-thingy to redeem the Starbucks 2010 Diary-Organizer. Aunt Bethzaida and I were diehard lovers of Starbucks so we ended up ordering the most drinks.

Dinner at Ye’Olde Smokehouse and countdown to Christmas Day at 12AM was of course, with the family at home.


Since I’m in a good mood watching Mr. Bean with both my cousins Elizabeth,
11 and Sofia, 8, all the way from Florida USA, Imma share some piccies of them with you.
For those of you who have been following
my Tweets, I’m pretty sure yall know lots about them already and how adorably vivacious they can be.


Cute anot?
Have I bribed yall enough?


Hope you fellas enjoyed yourselves like I did! If only boyfie was back in Malaysia for Christmas. Sigh. Anyway, whether it be with family, friends or all alone… what didja do this Christmas and who dija spent it with?

Or did you get tortured by Elizabeth like them?
haha! She’s one tough cookie

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At the Famous Amos booth with lotsa Christmas Teddies!
If you wanna be my bff, buy me Famous Amos or Peperidge Farm
^_^ muahahahaha