This won’t be your typical movie review. The reason why I’m even talking about this movie today is because I’ve always been particularly captivated by Egyptian culture. So here you go, dedicated to ancient Egypt.

Anyone who’s been a long-time reader of my blog would definitely know!

19 year old Jessicat at Universal Studios, Singapore.

I’m not very sure how I acquired this interest in everything related to ancient Egypt and it’s hieroglyphic designs but I think it could’ve possibly grown from constant exposure to my Uncle Mike’s Egyptian-themed living room.

From there, I began to harbour curiosity & fascination at this civilization of wonder that I started to read up several encyclopaedias (yes, I could’ve Googled it but Google’s search engine didn’t exist when I was 10 years old) about the Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx.


Read on for more of my love for Egypt!

That was, assumably, how I took an instant liking towards the Kingdom of Egypt. Matrix

No, I assure you, it’s certainly not an obsession of any sort. I just found it relatively captivating.


 Case in point; these blogposts:

My Eye of Horus wrist tattoo & My visit to the King Tutankhamun Museum episodes.

Allow me to refresh your memory. Big Smile


21 year old Jessicat with her freshly done Eye of Horus tattoo

22 year old Jessicat at the King Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs museum, Melbourne.



Needless to say, I was particularly psyched when Gods of Egypt released in cinemas about 3 weeks ago. Moo took me to catch the movie at TGV Cinema’s IMAX and boy, we enjoyed it so very much! Ha Ha


So… why should you totally watch Gods of Egypt (if you haven’t already!)?

1. It will totally keep you on the edge of your seatAdore

I totally sat upright and almost throughout the entire movie. The major suspense this movie brings was unlike any other. The fights, war and conflicts between the protagonist & antagonists were intense! Not to mention the battles between the Gods, mortals and the gargantuan mythical creatures and demons – exhilarating.


My face throughout the 127 minutes of showtime.


2. Gerard Butler was such a bad-ass.Ahh!

‘Nuff said. Really, do I need to say more? It’s GERARD BUTLER.

Oh Gerard Butler. Always my #1 Spartan King!

I think I need to say this one more time…

IT IS GERARD BUTLER. Ok I think I should stop now.


3. It’s a beautiful love story of true love & sacrificeSweet Kiss

Very thought provoking, how a mere mortal would go through great lengths just to see a smile from the love of his life and to eventually rescue her from the evil deeds of the dark empire of Set. It’s amazing to watch how love triumphs over evil in an emotional rollercoaster of deceit, trust, sacrifice, betrayal and more. Hathor, The Goddess of Love’s kind and committed ways of upholding her duties were also rather tear-inducing.


4. Highly informational & visual depiction of the ancient Egyptian empireBig Boss

If you’re keen for a fast-track into what this culture is all about, you have it all in a rather concise 127 minutes. Well, not sure if it would strike an interest in you as it did in me, but if there was any motion picture that would best exemplify the Egyptian gods, goddesses and legendary creatures, it would be this film – hands down!


5. Because the cast is just so damn fine. Big Smile

I don’t discriminate. The male leads and the female leads were definitely eye-candy. 



Now, don’t just read this blog and not watch it! Doubt it!

It’s grossing 13th (as at time of writing) on the Box Office charts. Watch it to learn more about an age-old culture and then maybe possibly, you’d see why I am so enchanted by the likes of everything Egyptian. 



I shall say no more. Go watch it now – I implore you, with the mighty power of Ra! But before you go… Enjoy the trailer!