I'm hooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Check out all the pretty photos that my Shutter Sidekick produced below! 😀


Touching down my hometown with the iconic Penang Bridge in sight and taking in the reminiscence of my childhood memories has never been better! 😀 😀 ahh.. there's no place like home. 



Shot with Art Filters : Pinhole Mode

My cosy living room

Uber miss it to the max 😀



There's also nothing like seeing the shocked expressions plastered on my Godmom, Popoh, Mom, Dad & Kakak's faces the moment I magically appeared before their eyes without prior notice! But heck, I knew they were very pleasantly surprised. I've never heard my name being called out so many times before in a single sentence in extreme high pitches! 😀



Mom & I. I surprised her at the office after surprising Godmom & Popoh at home

Kakak & dad were next



And may I add that they were all staring at me as though I've resurrected from the dead or just grew an antenna on my head -_____-








Ooookayy fer those of you fellas/old friends/buddies in Penang, don't skin me alive for not telling yall earlier! It was kinda like a haphazard last minute decision to surprise my folks! 😀 Though it was a loooong gruelling roadtrip driving back to Penang with a good friend Nadia, it was worth it all seeing the family's excited and emotionally moved faces 🙂


So what did I do next?



Taa-daa! 😀 😀

Guess where I am now?




What about mom?

Looks like a forest-nature retreat aye? 😀






This very pretty and serene place is located within the hidden depths of Tanjung Bungah. It's somewhere opposite the Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel 😀 I absolutely loved the tranquility here. It's how all Spas should be! Who wants to go to a spa in the middle of a busy town, right? Haha I'd choose this anytime.



What a breathtaking interior for a cosy lil Spa like this!

Feels just like a villa 😀




Here's the reception counter as I was signing my name. So traditional right? Love the sculpture though.. aesthetic art should always be adored! Fresh ginger tea was served too.





Here's how it looked like inside. I remember my last session here – it was a very nice manicure and pedicure by them too! And beneath the Siamese umbrella was where I sat previously. The furniture and wooden-framed interior was just perfect for a girly evening out with Mom.

Uber love 😀





Okay, as you might've already guessed… yup, we were in a Spa. After all the drama, tears of joy and jubilant moments at home (dad couldn't stop repeating, "My daughter is back home!), I brought Mom to Danai Spa in Tanjung Bungah for their Signature 60 minute Full Body Massage with Essential Oils.



Here's a treat for one of the most important ladies in my life!

Her royal highness, my rockin' cool momma 😀



Mom was laughing through the beginning of the session -____-" as she says it was very ticklish LOL. But being me, I fell fast asleep after those immensely good pressure points and massages that really got me at all the right places! Perfect remedy for all the stress of work and varsity life 😀




The relaxing & aromatherapic experience is courtesy of Danai Spa themselves 😀

Your masseurs were fabulous. Thanks for the session!




On our way out after everything was over, I couldn't help but to snap another piccie with the Olympus PEN E-PL1! Such a picturesque photo opportunity shouldn't be missed! So I whipped out my shutter sidekick and switched it to the settings of my choice :



Shot with Art Filters : Diodrama mode




Just had home cooked dinner with ze family. When you're hungry, everything tastes good! Spent some time with them watching American Idol too. Gosh, been a long time since I actually watched the idiot box! Ever since I moved to KL, I hardly touched the telly 🙂



Shot with Art Filters : Pinhole Mode



Ookay, it's 2AM now. Gotta hit the sack! Pleasant dreams to all of you while I lie asleep in my very own bedroom at home too 🙂

So much plans with Mom tomorrow. Buffet lunch at Flamingo Hotel and Gurney Plaza for some shopping!