Sorrrryy! I know I took awhile to snap piccies of my room to show you guys!

As per email request from a dear reader of my new condo which I just moved into, here it is! A blog entry dedicated to my very red room, attributed to my closest friends and family. You’ll see why in a bit πŸ™‚

A little upclose and personal, but here goes!

Bedroom slippers which my Uncle Mike bought for me for Christmas 2004
Curtains and red runner-rug which I bought from Ikea!
To kick things off, this is where I sleep. My sanctuary! πŸ™‚
Lemme introduce you to my daily bed mates
Cute bedsheet & comforter thanks to mom!

  • The huge-ass red cushion which I bought in Ikea
  • The pink bolster I had since I was little (you may pinch your noses if u please)
  • The patchwork teddy with a necktie which harbours 4 years of memories
  • The huge bear with a mortar board which mom bought for me during graduation
  • The ‘little devil’ red&black pillow which Jeffro bought for me for my birthday
  • The adorable white plushie with a heart which theboyfie surprised me with!


Okay so what’s next? My bedside table of course!

It has the red & pink mini rug which I bought from Ikea as well. The red lipped tissue box case intrigued me during my shopping spree in Singapore because it was so luscious! The white chest that holds my accessories was bought by my godmom fer me in HOL House of Leather for my 19th Birthday

The mini top hat was a gift to me from Victoria πŸ™‚
thanks mui!

And of course, my collection of liquor bottles! Booze babeh.

Among the ones displayed over the watchful eyes of Domokun are the Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker Black Label, Bacardi Apple, Belvedere Vodka, Tiger Beer Limited Edition, Wyborowa Vodka and the Absolut Vodka. Most of ’em are gifts and I think 1 of them was self-purchased for collective purposes


The Chivas Regal is under proper surveillance by a voodoo doll handmade for me by Sae Wei for my birthday – and in my fave colors too! Notice how it resembles me with the red streaks in the hair πŸ™‚ So sweet of ya babe

Camwhoring at my wall mirror

Okay this will be where I doll up. It’s a very humble corner of my room though. Minimalistic thoughts! Since I have so much paraphernalia which I use only when I feel like it, I thought I’d just place them in one corner with a mirror and I’m good to go!

Love the body mist from The Body Shop
perks you up instantly!

Hmmmmmm.. what else? Okay, the wardrobe of Narnia.
Heh. If only I had a wardrobe as enormous maximus as that, I would be the happiest girl on earth! A walk-in closet is a must have when I get married and move into a new home *grins*

My hangers and clothes are colour coordinated
I don’t have OCD yo! I just think it looks prettier that way πŸ™‚

Where there’s a rung to hang my clothes, there’s always a rack to place my handbags, gym wear and other non-hanging clothes no? Well this is what it looks like below

It smells of strawberries too!
Thanks to that fragrance thingy hanging inside my wardrobe

And the final part of my room which I owe you guys! Right where I’m sitting and typing this as we speak πŸ™‚ Yup, that’s right. It’s my red desk right beside my wardrobe.

Blank space in the middle to place my laptop πŸ™‚

  • Pink reading light bought as a gift by Godmom
  • Altec Lansing Headphones bought in *can’t recall which* PC Fair
  • Roxy Calendar from Spring & Summer 09’s event (I want the 2010 one!)
  • Red & black Swiss pouch – for all my gadgets, chargers & USBs!
  • Leopard print Maxis Broadband thanks to Mom & Godmom
  • Random mouse from *dunno how long ago*
  • Sony RadioClock which I won in a lucky draw during High School prom

#nowplaying Pitbull – Hotel Room Service

I have a teddy corner too on my desk!

But whooops! Being me, my teddy corner is kinda “intruded” by my Heineken bottles and 2 shot glasses (essential for house parties!) And oddly enough, this teddy corner has a tiny dinosaur as well as a ‘=)’ plushie. Hmph – might as well call it a rojak corner wtf

Button badges and memorabilia from various events
(sorry haven’t put up all when I 1st moved in, now whole wall is full!)

I know it may not be as elaborate, or extremely spacious or as fancy like the one I have back at home. But for now, this will do to give me a nice pretty roof for me to shelter my head from the rain and of course, to zonk out!


Here are other parts of the condo. This is the balcony, now it kinda looks like a mini zen garden with the money plants and pebbles!


And other parts of the living room
(sorry taken with cellphone camera only)


Essentially, like I said in the 1st paragraph of this post, I attribute everything to my family and friends. My room is decorated and furnished with gifts from them! (except the things I bought from Ikea) So whenever I step into my sanctuary, it IS indeed full of love πŸ™‚

Not to mention, effort too! Thanks to Victoria, YingZi and June. When I first moved in, from this :


and after spending quite alot of time decorating it myself
(and alot of money T_T boohoohoo)

It became what is is today:


Now… *coughs*
the hardest task is keeping it this neat at all times!