Heyyoo! Weekend’s here again and sore, aching limbs from Thursday’s session isn’t really a good way to end a weekend. Sniff.

Anyway! Today, Imma share with you one of the most prestigious and exclusive events in 2009. Hmmm.. it doesn’t sound right if I were to say “LAST YEAR”! Because it was only held in December, which was technically less than a month ago.


They feature 10 rising stars from various fields – only one of which will be entitled the Martell Rising Personality Award. Who could it be this year? I only personally know 1 of them, which is Will Quah. So I was already rooting for him since the public voting season!

Yes I’m bias towards a friend, why not? You would too, fo shure!

Hence, the Martell Rising Personalities Awards is recognizing these 10 aspiring young individuals who have risen above the competition to achieve a certain measure of success in life, while embodying the spirit and values of the Martell VSOP brand.


1. Cecilia Yong, Dancer
I remember her as the winner from the reality TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’


2. Chelsia Ng, Singer & Actress
A veteran in the entertainment industry, I recognized her since the sitcom ‘Kopitiam’


3. Chin Yew, Artist
5. Douglas Lim, Comedian & Actor
Both of them very the funnay. People from the creative industry are like that πŸ™‚ ‘Nuff said.


4. Chow Hon Lam, Illustrator & T-Shirt Designer
He said he’s embarking on a project whereby he designs a Tshirt design a day! Whoa. Creative juices flowing like nobody’s business. Cool.


6. Nick Chia, DJ
He was addressed as DJ Guru-Guru (for corporate purposes) that evening but in the club scene, we all know him as DJ Ganja Guru! Just saw him spinning in Barsonic, Zouk last night


7. Nychole Leong, DJ
She was one of the winners of the JUICE DJ Talent Quest! πŸ™‚ Now who says ladies don’t excel in the male dominant industry? DJ Nikki shows we can


8. Tan Sze Yoong, Jewelry Designer
That explains the embellishments on her dress! And check out those beauties hanging from here ears. Pretty!


9. Teresa Thian, Fashion Designer
Her boutique is at Bangsar Baru, it’s called GallobyThian. Funky name!


10. Will Quah, TV Host
The very fun and amicable NTV7 Breakfast Show host. I can vouch for that! πŸ™‚


Moving on, the 10 personalities were selected based on their career achievements, potential for greater success, and a certain level of recognition within their own field and beyond. This year’s personalities, who have all embraced opportunities to rise above life’s challenges and more importantly, their own expectations.

All of them at the photowall

For those not in the know, Lara Bangsar is actually a huge bungalow located along Jalan Maarof. It’s really spacious with a nice rooftop floor with a jacuzzi! One by one, the guests arrived in limos and dashing cars parked at the valet.

3 storeys high + 1 rooftop floor


We were served Martell by many lovely usherettes dressed in scarlet red. They were the waitresses of the day, alongside many waiters in immaculate black and white uniforms with a bow tie.


Food was then served during the mini presentation and introduction session by each of the 10 finalists. More of what they do, their aspirations, dreams and what they’re really made of


Bumped into a few friends too! It’s camwhore time yo πŸ™‚

Niki who rushed here after ‘The Swimming Instructor’ drama
Glad ya made it in time!

Schoolmate Marion Caunter who was the MC for today’s event!


and of course, the peeps who made my life colorful


Entertainment soon began and there was an adreanalin pumping dance group who busted moves from HipHop, Poppin’, Lockin’ and Dropin’

Coincidentally, my flashgun’s battery died on me
when I shot this photo T_T

But it was a relatively long dance routine with breakdancing with crazy stunts too!


Performances by the finalists themselves too! Chelsia Ng who sang many old time favorite songs with her deep and soulful voice. Multi-talented person yo! Not to mention a very svelte figure too πŸ™‚


Cecilia Yong giving a breathtaking and tight dance choreography with her dance partner. Totally loved those twirls and flexible moves ya got there babe!


Douglas Lim who performed a stand-up comedy which had me in stiches throughout his whole performance! Simply hilarious! He sang a parody of Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ and incorporated Malaysian traits and typical kiasu Malaysian behavior.


Which made the entire floor crack up too!
I almost felt like telling the joke here but well, let’s make it exclusively for Douglas Lim shall we? πŸ™‚ hehe. Besides, reading it wouldn’t bring much humour


But that’s not just it!

He even serenaded us with his guitar skills! πŸ™‚

More mingling ensued and all of us had lots of fun chatting the night away and taking lots and lots of photos! We were all anticipating the moment everyone’s all waiting for, the announcement of the winner.


But it’s worth the wait! Let’s take a swig of our Martell’s now shall we? πŸ™‚


Besides, there are plenty to go around! πŸ™‚ Have it neat, on the rocks or made into a cocktail. Anything goes smoothly with that exquisite taste of a French cognac


Enjoyed by many, in all occasions! So much merry making all around, me likey!


Photographers for the night, me and Andy Kho also had lots of shots! Hmm.. let’s just hope our photos don’t go wonky for the crowning of Martell’s Rising Personality of 2009!

Still sober?
Check. πŸ™‚

After a hearty meal and lotsa neat drinks, it was time to announce the winner. Everyone in the room was in suspense and so was I! Come on! Come on!


Much love and congrats to Will! πŸ™‚

He “totally didn’t expect it!”
Well, that’s what they ALL say, ain’t it? =P


The winning personality, in addition to the award recognition, will receive a cash prize of RM20,000, an all expense paid trip to Cognac, France to visit the Martell facilities, and 10 bottles of Martell VSOP! *coughs* Chinese New Year coming yo!

But that’s not all

There was another category which was announced on the spot which was the ‘Rising Media Personality’ award. And it goes to none other than Niki Cheong! Yay! So proudda you Niki!

hahaha. I tweeted your win on the spot πŸ™‚
Why you malu LOL

The after party soon began and everyone adjourned to the rooftop of Lara to party on down with finalists DJ Ganja Guru and DJ Nikki’s house/trance tracks!


There were rose decors on each of the tables at the rooftop!

Pretty red roses *sniffs*
I know I look a tad worn out after the entire day -_-
Eyebags FML

We all partied the night away till late hours with booming music and almost had the cops coming over!LOL Well, what’s a house party without those awesome elements? And of course, what’s a party without some naughty fun?

You were right Will! I did put it up on my blog after all!

This fantastic evening wouldn’t be made possible without the awesome people and team of Martell! Kudos to them! May these rising personalities rise further to greater heights


Maybe someday I’ll be in their shoes.
Maybe, baby. Who says dreams don’t come true? πŸ™‚