Gooooooood morning!!!!

Today's my last day in Singapore. I totally KO-ed last night after such long hours at the circuit zones!


My heart skipped 21487246839471 beats each time the drivers turn the corner. They were so close!! (except for a few who were lagging behind)

When Mark Webber overtook Lewis Hamilton, I was like WHOAAAA! Two drivers from Red Bull Racing in Top 3? 😀



Alonso at the trophy presentation ceremony

He burst the GH Mumm champagne all over everyone!


I was cheering along with other Ferrari fans and screaming like a mad woman when Alonso zoomed past me for the 61st consecutive time. It was clear that he was leading all the way! GOGOGO Ferrari!

On another note, yes ima Ferrari fangirl for obvious reasons. I've loved Ferrari's since I was a kid and well, it's in my favorite color too – RED! The drivers are pretty hot too 😛


So anyway, congrats on making the Top 3 fellas!



Champion!! 😀 Fernando Alonso of Scuderia Ferrari



Second place – Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing



Third place – Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing


Also coming in 4th place was Jensen Button of McLaren and 5th place, Nico Rosberg of Mercedes GP! 😀 Grats on making into Top 5 😀

Oh and I recall squeezing through sweaty smelly fellow photographers trying to get perfect angles and perfect shots of the speed demons racing their heads off on the circuits! Was so difficult to capture cars speeding with the speed of light especially when you're being pushed and shoved. But it was all worth it! 😀




All was well and nerve-wrecking throughout the entire 61 laps. But 3 VERY interesting highlights during that fateful final race night were these :



When a Kingfisher totally broke down in the first few minutes and had to be towed – coincidentally right in front of where I was standing! Gosh. Sucks to be him =/



-sorry no photo was too engrossed in the whole commotion with my jaws hung open LOL-

Lewis Hamilton kicked out of the race when he tried to overtake Mark Webber for 3rd place, crashing his McLaren race car… and his way out of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix finals 🙁 Ohnoes!



When a Lotus caught fire and ended up in flames by the last few minutes of the race! Lotsa officials ran there to extinguish the flames. Poor Heikki Kovalainen!



Wait for the upcoming posts, of Adam Lambert's GLAMNATION concert tour, Mariah Carey's concert, and me exploring the pit stop paddocks! 😀 Was a super fun learning experience! And *psst* those car engineers and mechanics from UK were smokin' hotttt too 😉


In the meantime, check out my 1st day at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, okie?

Took lotsa piccies around and even caught Chris Daughtry LIVE in concert too – here!




Camwhoring by the Pit Stop Grandstand



Again, I'd like to thank my main sponsors Maxis and Lotus Racing for this amazing experience, making this all happen for me 🙂 Gracias

More to come right after this!! 😀